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Dormant account
Sep 11, 2005
I have had my accounts with Belle Rock for over 2 months. Deposited and played and withdrawn numerous times across the group.

Monday, I found the did a 500 match for UK players at Jackpot City.

I thought I would have a go despite the WR. Deposited and was playing through the games when I was up 240 before the bonus. Then got a message saying my account was blocked. This was mid game.

Phoned them up and asked what was happening. They said it was a security check. I needed to send in my docs. This is not a prob as I have them save but what I could not understand and have never had with any online group was they wouldnt allow me to play at ANY of there casinos.

At Gaming Club they have a 50 on Monday promo that I could not do because Gaming Club was blocked.

At River Belle, they do a Wednesday 50 promo that I could not do. Again, this account is still blocked.

I still havent had an email from them to tell them my accounts are blocked. I sent my docs on Monday that they say must have been too big to receive, but surely I would have had an unreturnable email from Yahoo.

Why, after so much action from me have they decided to ask for docs. I dont mind that but WHY suspend my account. Just with hold payout until they have them

Well I wont be going back there whatever they offer me. This is just so annoying
Hi Chrissywaddle,

Have you sent me your player details yet? If not, please do so and I'll have someone look into this thanks!

Thanks for you enquiery. After sending them my driving licence as proof of my address, they told me they wouldnt accept this as it didnt prove my address.

It was both the paper and card one provided by the UK govt that both have my address on. I even showed them a website that shows who is on the electoral roll and i am at my address. This was not acceptable. I demanded at this part to speak to a manager.

I spoke to Annan (Excuse the spelling) who agreed, it was unreasonable not to accept this and he asked me to call back in 15mins. He got my account opened.

Problem Solved But?

Why was a full UK driving license deemed unnaceptable in the first place, especially the photo version.

I will accept poor and untrained CS as a valid excuse from this bunch - they keep messing up with the promotion administration.
They are supposed to have got to grips with these issues a while back, and I began to use my accounts again. I am also UK and I don't want to have this sort of "nasty" happening to me anytime soon.

A UK license is an official document, the format is laid down by the DVLA, it is not good enough to state the format as "not good enough proof" if it is cited that a government document of this nature will be accepted.

If they couldn't read the copy, why not just say so and ask for you to send it again with different settings - it seems they procrastinated for days with this given the promos you say you missed. You didn't miss much at RiverBelle, the 50 promo didn't work again! I should have had the confirmation E-mail from "Sebastian" this last Wednesday, but nothing yet and it's now Sunday.

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