Belle Rock false advertising...


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Yeah - I was about to post that this sounded like a basic internal screw-up at BelleRock but I'm glad you have managed to get it resolved so quickly anyway.


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Actually...I never got credited so I might as well post it here...
Belle Rock sent an email to me promoting Belle Rock's Fantastic February...
I deposited to River Belle 50$ and was promised 120$ free...That's the only reason I deposited there...there are far more reliable and customer friendly operations out there. I got an email after the deposit that I should receive a confirmation email after the bonus was in. Never got it...went to live chat and was told that I've been declined that bonus because I should've deposited at Jackpot City, not at River Belle...Well, their email stated Belle Rock's Fantastic February...Why the hell do they promote it like it was an all-round bonus throughout the group when it isn't? Someone at the promotions department probably has come up with a new major screw-up...thanks Belle rule...and your CS doesn't :thumbsup:


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Did they mention the account number in the e-mail? From my experience,they sometimes do.


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Didn't see it there...Well, if it was on some fine print...Maybe it's my fault in that case...but I just wanna point out the way they promote things. Usually when I get an email from -let's say from Jackpt factory...It says that deposit to All Slots and get a bonus...Belle Rock's email didn't say that, and I got lured of depositing to a place I wouldn't normally do, unless there's a bonus attached...Well, no point of complaining anymore...Just would like to know, Why do they target the emails like that?


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to be fair to bellerock, they often do casino-specific promos or sometimes a group promo (although it can only be played once in the group, but the choice of casino is yours). from my experience this is always made clear which it is in the email.

could you reproduce the email (minus any account specific info of course), so we can see whose at fault here.


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I removed the email right after I deposited, filled in the form and got an email saying i eould be notified when the bonus is in...
So I can't put it up here...Sorry, I just feel like I've been screwed since I thought it was a group promo, just by the topic and the text in the email.
We'll see...