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Apr 29, 2004
Has anyone else experienced this? Was thrown away from Belle Rock Live Help Twice trying to get my buy 50 get 200 bonus...The problem isn't my computer...The live chat worked just fine earlier but after making the purchase it's been impossible to get in touch with their CS...Even made a call request and no one called me back? What's the problem Belle Rock? Overflow?
i had a slight delay with mine as well.......i finally called in and they assured me it would be there within a few hours......and it was there 10 minutes later......I've always received excellent customer service there via phone

although that bellerockbuddy program is no friend of my win2000 machine and they have no answer for that one
How long have these jokers been promising to get more people on the phones and live chat? It really is ridiculous having to wait half an hour just to speak to someone. Sort it out BelleRock!
Belle Rock seem somewhat disorganised. Everyone in support seems friendly and helpful, but they are very hard to get hold of, and often do not follow up on their promises. I expect tho that that is not the fault of CS themselves, but rather some technical issues with their bonus crediting and perhaps a lack of proper processes, or not enough time to use them properly.

Gaming Club have an amusing bonus glitch at the moment. I finally got around to making an account there a couple of weeks ago. I claimed the bonus, and a day later I got an auto response that said:

"Thanks for creating your new account, with account number XYZ111. Unfortunately you were not eligibile for our bonus for the following reason:

Account number XYZ111 does not exist."


They did fix it manually the next day, but it shows there's some odd problems afflicting their systems at the moment.
yep.....i had the exact same problem with gaming club that same disturbing e-mail, but they cleared it up in 12 hours

maybe the phone wait is different depending on the time of day that one calls. I've never waited on hold for more than 3 minutes to get a rep.

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