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Dec 1, 2003
South Africa
Hi All,

Due to the fact that the last two times I have been away from the office I received a spate of PMs requesting assistance, I thought I would be proactive and inform you all that I am away from the office from the 22nd of September until the 5th of October. I will be checking my mail and the message boards as often as I can, but please don't take slow or no responses during this period to mean that I am ignoring you. :thumbsup:

Best regards,

Belle Rock
OK BR I'll promise not to PM you while you're away if you promise to leave a hotel review on my new hobby site (see my sig for link!) when you return. Deal? :D

PS. Note the subtle use of thread hijacking to get an off-topic subject in a popular forum ;) And that goes for anyone else who's been away recently...Vegas anyone? Sunny Hastings? Antarctica? Eh eh?
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Daffy said:
A championship segue,

Uh, did not see Motel 6 on the list(children)...sorry.

the dUck

Cheers Daffy, I didn't as it happens. And thread hijacking, avoiding evil-poster status and being lambasted is fast becoming an art-form :D

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