Bella Vegas - flatlining


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Dec 31, 2004
Open message to Bella Vegas.

Would you please pay me for my withdrawals of 60.03 that I made on 29th November and 104.64 on 17th November. My account number is tbvr01****18. Please don't ask me to send in the purchase agreement form for 50 as I have already sent it to you three times. As you are well aware I have sent numerous emails chasing these payments. Please also don't do your favourite trick of paying back to my neteller account, I have already asked you not to do this.

Bella Vegas you are an embarrassment.
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Hi charliewilliams,

Did you email the casino rep at Bella to let them know you were posting here?

I don't see a registered rep for them here at the forum so I would be sure to do that. Otherwise, your public message might just go unnoticed by them.

charliewilliams said:
Bella Vegas you are an embarrassment.

Also, I would wait to insult the casino publicly until after you have allowed them some response time. If you have no expectation or hope left of getting paid, then just ignore my ramblings.

I wish you well in your quest.

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