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I suspect not. This quote is from casinomeister's "Spot the Rogue" page:

Beware of an overindulgence in awards - especially awards that are not hyperlinked. They could easily be faked If they do not disclose who their gaming software provider is, perhaps they have something to hide. If you can't determine where they are located, move on. If they are located in Central America, take precautionary measures and check some of the player message boards to ensure that this casino is not a flaky clip shot joint. If they are located in Belize, Venezuela, St. Kitts, or any obscure place, take your money elsewhere. If you run into a problem at one of these lax jurisdictions, you can forget it for these jurisdictions to help. These casinos might as well be licensed by the milkman.

I too am in Canada, and when I first started gambling online, I thought if a casino was licensed out of Canada, that was a good thing. Not necessarily so.
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