Belize-no, First Web Casino, Yes?


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Mar 15, 2005
The guidelines say not to gamble at casinos licensed in Belize. First Web has a Belize mailing address yet is accredited. Have Forum members had positive experiences with this site? I ask, because its been 48 hours since I tried to make a withdrawal after playing through the bonus and I've heard nothing. Since I've never survived a bonus round before I don't know what to expect.
I know that Jackpot Factory is having some email difficulties at the moment. So your emails may not be getting through, and also their emails to you. The Jackpot Factory group are great casinos to play at. Totally trustworty (in my opinion). My advice would be to either telephone them on one of the toll-free numbers listed on their site (whichever one is applicable to your country) and/or send a private message to the Jackpot Factory rep here at Casinomeister. His name is David, give him at least a day or so to reply...but I would really telephone first to see if you can resolve this on your own. Here is the link to Jackpot Factory's profile, you just click on send a private message. :)
Hi Kirby,

Here is the toll-free number you can use to call from the USA.


Hope that helps.
I can only second Pina's opinion. Jackpot Factory has excellent service and fast cashouts and FirstWeb is no exception. 48 hours seems rather long. How is it sitting at the site, still as a Reverse Withdrawal or is it flushed? Normally, they flush it immediately after 24 hour. So, your problem is definitely worth a call.

Btw, in their withdrawals, at neteller or wherever, they will first show every deposit that you make since your last withdrawal and then your net win. So, if you deposited $100 3x without any withdrawal and then withdraw a win of $1,000 the transaction at neteller will show as 100, 100, 100, 700. Sometimes not all of these will be processed at the same time. If you receive only a partial payment, don't worry, you'll get the rest in the next batch of payments they process. They process 3 times a day.
Jackpot Factory casinos are not "licensed" in Belize - they only send their checks from there. That's a totally different thing.

What I am warning about is not to play at casinos that claim to be licensed in Belize. Belize does not provide a licensing agency that is receptive to player issues, nor do they provide gaming licenses. They don't even have a website. Furthermore, most of the casinos that claim to be licensed there are problematic.

There's a list at Casino City - perhaps I ought to provide one here as well.

Link Removed (invalid URL)

Note it's mostly G-Fed, and Diamond Games, and a few other odds and ends.
First Web is an awsome casino. I have withdrawed from them many times and never had a problem. They are the only casino I deposit at now. They also throw bonuses into my account , more than I ever got from depositing with grand prive group.
I've played at First Web and another Jackpot Factory casino. The support email was down, but the rep here got back to me the next day and answered my questions. Cashout time was average for an MG casino (about three days, maybe four). Bottom line is that it is a reputable firm.
The deposit showed up this afternoon. Probably an over-the-weekend kind of delay. Sorry for my impatience.

I did not understand the difference between registered in Belize and banking in Belize but I do now.

Thanks to all for the reassurance.
Jackpot Factory

For fast withdrawal use Neteller and request a flush. For me it can often make it the same afternoon from an early morning withdrawal (UK morning is before the start of casino server "daytime", so an early withdrawal gets lumped in with the previous day's batch).
I have had withdrawal delays though, and this is due to their processor. There seems to be poor internal communication when things go wrong. CS can only refer the matter for investigation, but Inexia often take 2 or 3 days to "investigate" even the simplest blunder. Also, only automated services run at the weekend, so if something goes wrong for a withdrawal expected on Saturday, it will be Monday before it will get manually reprocessed.
The rep here has more clout than CS, and there should be no reason to expect a permanent non-payment. Compensation is usually given if the casino makes a mistake, and I have received quite a few as a result of Inexia being unable to manage their UK Sterling Neteller affairs properly.
If a VIP, the dedicated VIP E-mail will take priority, and I have had little difficulty with my VIP support E-mails.
As this is your first withdrawal, a request for documentation should be anticipated (it may or may not happen), but this will cause the first withdrawal to be held up while documents are approved. It might be best to volunteer them now if they have not asked, as normally they ask only when the withdrawal leaves pending, and quick action may get you your money this week (Saturday batch) if you are using a webwallet.

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