Belated hello


Dormant account
Feb 25, 2009
Hi! I have been a member here for a while now, but have just been lurking. The message up the top of every page is nagging me to post in here so I am (at last).

I play online poker - I used to play it a lot (low limits, LHE) but not so much these days as I tend to be busy with other things.

The main reason I am here on casinomeister is that I am just starting to set up an affiliate website (bingo at first) and I find the forums here a great resource. When I get to the stage of choosing bingo rooms to promote I will be doing some due diligence to try and avoid rogue rooms, or even just ones that seem not to treat their players so well. So I can search here and weed out the bad ones hopefully!

That will do for now, glad to be here, great forum!


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