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Jan 23, 2006
Tonight i re-installed sw of a casino where i hadn't played for a while, loaded my favorite games but forgot to set a couple of options:

Was playing Aces and Faces. Had a couple of 2x bets win but had forgotten to tick off Allow Gamble in the Options. Instead of collecting, i hit Spin. I think those wins were not added to my credits. It only dawned on me when i got a bigger win and then quickly disallowed Gamble. Does anyone know this for sure? Anyway, this was my mistake.

There should be an Option where you can turn off Max Bet. It is "conveniently" sitting next to the Spin button and everyone has hit it by mistake, just when you were not doing well and wanted to conserve resources.

Some of the new games, Katmandu for example, do not even have an option where you can turn off Gamble in the option. I was at one such game, had a decent win and wanted to increase my bet size. Instead of hitting Collect to then get the Coin button i hit Gamble by mistake (i never Gamble) and, of course, lost.

Newer games seem to come in Coins instead of currency. Now, it's quite easy to set it at a coin size that makes it easy to relate to your currency. It would be easier still if those games used currency instead. I suspect, that quite a few players are confused and not really realize how much they are betting. It's probably why new games come with Coins :D

Oh, and then i worked this up in Photoshop. See, how easy it could be for ALL players? Easy for those players who supposedly like the Reverse Withdrawal feature and for those who hate it.
Just received a PM inquiring what this casino is of which i took a screenshot. Alas, this "Player-Friendly" casino does not exist and the screenshot is something i worked up in Photoshop. But it does show how easy it COULD be made for ALL players. ;)
Great idea! :thumbsup:

It could also have a little toilet icon, and the wording "Flush?"

Whilst you're at it, can I have an option for "hit the scatters every fifth spin on Ladies Nite" please?

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