Before I make a cashout from diceclub casino can someone help me understand the tos.


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Sep 9, 2005
I deposit $300 and got a $500 bonus. This is my first time taking a bonus so i need help in understanding this. I play slots and gain $300 more now I am up around $1000. The wager is 4X which I beat already. If I withdraw now will they pay me the whole $1000. If someone can help and read their tos to make sure for me that be great.
best way is ask casino

hello make sure before you can withdraw ask casino if you have wagered enough and wagered correctly and the clubdice bonus will be removed from your acount when you request a cash out
I made my withdraw thank for the input. I am getting back my $300 and more. I just have to wait 5 days now.
The $500 bonus is deducted when you make a withdrawal.
You should get your $300 deposit and $300 in winnings.

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