before i get hung....


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before i get hung i just wanted to say that after years of boycotting all the rogues, i've come to the conclusion that they will never go away at least the virtuals and prisms and sharks of the net.So i decided that because i'm finishing up my externship program so i'm working for free and have a wife and kid so at this moment i don't always have extra to deposit so i decided to take one of those free chip deals from bet royal and after completing the wr and maxing out the cashout at $100 they freaking western union me the money in only 7 days ...maybe they are trying to turn it around ya think????


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Good for you! Even the worst has to pay some of the winners or they'd be out of business. Gambling is hard enough without wondering if you'll get paid if you happen to get lucky. I have to play where I can be confident in the company.


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Congrats Petey ..any cashout is nice around the holidays .


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Hit a Royal on one of those free chips and they actually paid. I get free chips now and then but only that one time ever met the wr. But it's fun for us in the States to get the thrill of playing for REAL. Who knows maybe that will happen again.


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This is the problem with these rogues. They are not stupid, they are playing psychological games with their players. If they pay on a free chip, they are giving the player a signal that they cannot be so bad after all. They have to make a judgement as to whether a small payment from a free chip is likely to lead to larger deposits from the player in future. probably it is HOW the free chip was played that gives them a clue.
I expect they have also become aware of the fact that players often treat their first withdrawal as a test for reliability, and to screw this up will mean the player never deposits for real. Most players lose on the free chip, so they also need to have stories like this on the net to encourage new players to make that first deposit for the welcome bonus.
Since the free chips have limited max cashouts, they are never going to overextend themselves by paying a few of the winners.
If tempted by these free chips, you must also be able to resist the "mind games" they will play with you to make you start losing afterwards.
If they were hit by a large number of highly disciplined players, who only ever played the free chip, they WOULD be seriously damaged, as they will still have overheads even if they never paid anyone out. They rely on the fact that enough players can be tempted to play for real to balance this cost.
If you are a psychologist, it might be worth taking them on for the experience, and you should study their marketing from a professional point of view to see how they are operating. Who knows, they MAY have a weakness and be open to being beaten by a better schemer than themselves.
Maybe the latest industry news about Costa Rican internet banking will cause them enough problems, even if they can at first make money from it.


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....they freaking western union me the money in only 7 days ...maybe they are trying to turn it around ya think????
I think with a statement like that, you just sent about ten more sheep to the slaughter. Players gullible enough to believe "oh, they've changed" are probably digging around for that FREE chip.

Of course they haven't changed. Don't be ridiculous.

You should take your winnings and donate them here:

There are also plenty of casinos that still accept US players that are legit. So they are a little slow in paying. So friggin' what? At least you are keeping companies afloat that deserve your patronage.

When you are patronizing these Costa Rican clip shot joints, you're sending them a message that it is okay to lie and cheat. Ask ace45pro about his experiences. :rolleyes:

And yes, these crap casinos will go away, but that's up to you. I can give you all the information you need to make wise decisions. If you choose to toss all of this to the wind, well what can I say...


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who deposited at a rogue casino?i got money out of them for free and would never deposit there i have plenty of good accounts that i can and sometimes deposit to like 3 dice and music hall and superior or inet , and like i stated for years i held my ground and refused the free chips but they keep going and going like the energizer bunny so if i can take em for a couple of bucks i'm gonna ....i guess we gotta disagree about me being able to make em go out of biz cause it sure hasn't happened in 3 or more years that i boycotted em but i knew this reaction was coming hence the title of the thread so from now on if i indulge in a free chip promo and win and get payed without ever depositing a dime i'll just keep it to myself until i have something to say about only accredited casinos...later all


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who deposited at a rogue casino?i got money out of them for free ...
Ahh, but when you deposited you didn't know you were going to win :D

And I bet, sooner than later, you'll try your luck again with these guys and not be so lucky.

Dont even suggest BET ROYAL is turning anything around. vinylweatherman is correct, they are trying to lure you in .


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i'll say it 1 more time I NEVER DEPOSITED WITH THEM NOR WILL I


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i just want to add something here...I deposit with accredited casinos on this site (in which I very rarely win) and also deposit with BetRoyal. I deposited $1000 a little over a month ago and they gave me some nice no max/no wager requirements coupons. I played slots and cashed out for quite a bit over my original deposit. Within a month, they sent me a check for $3000 and approved all other withdrawls except 1.

I realize people have had problems with these "rogue" casinos, but I have deposited there in the past and have always been paid. It may take a little longer, but alot of the accredited casinos on this site (e.g. mainstreet) take just as long for U.S. players these days. I have found it to be extremely difficult to win anything at these accredited casinos. Yes, they pay, but will you ever win.

Most of the comments on this site are usually very negative regarding casinos such as BetRoyal, but I'm just offering my experience.


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:puke::puke:You got paid, but there are 10 more who didn't. If nobody deposited, they would go out of business, which is what most people on this forum are trying to tell those who are "lucky" enough to get paid.
Then dont suggest Bet Royal is turning it around. They arent and never will be.


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your probably right in saying they won't ever change,so at least i got em for $100 and they got me for $0,lol

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