Beer Sales Go Flat in Worldwide Economic Slump


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Beer Sales Go Flat in Worldwide Economic Slump

SABMiller PLC, the London-based brewer of Grolsch, Miller Genuine Draft and Peroni Nastro Azzurro lagers, said on Thursday its beer shipments fell unexpectedly in the third quarter as consumers pulled back on their demand.

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Wow I find this mind boggling...

In the past, even in the worst of times people drank a lot of Beer.
The worse it got the more Beer people drank...

I can only hope, that the Beer consumption has been replaced by people consuming something different. Something that grows naturally and that is very relaxing, not addicting, does not make you puke when you over indulge and does not leave a hangover, cause you to beat your wife or wreck your car and then try to fist fight with the nice police officers... ;)