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My first point: Buy this book!
My second point: Build an altar to Bill Haywood and send him 10% of your winnings, because you will be able to afford it now.

No, seriously, this is a great book concerning our favorite pasttime, online gambling. I was especially impressed with his chapter on gambling addiction. I've played at over 50 online casinos and only found a few rip-offs (and I mourn the downfall of the Golden Palace, once wonderful, once fabulous, once a 20% bonus every month)--my greatest problem is losing control and chasing my losses. Internet Gambling is just too damn fun.
I read Bill Haywood's article in the Winter 2000 issue of Blackjack Forum magazine, and was very impressed to say the least. I will probably be buying this book soon.

Haywood believes most turnkey providers are legit.

Turnkey providers have a huge incentive to rig thier games. Its called revenue sharing. And until this process is eliminated, there's no way a software developer can call itself: INDEPENDENT

"I've played at over 50 online casinos and only found a few rip-offs." How do you Know? By this I mean How random is defined, who tests their rgn, and most importantly who checks it on an ongoing basis? When the answer is no one "how do you know?"
Good point, Jondo.

I know of no casino software that can say conclusively that they have been tested by a third party.

I hope that this will change in the future - you would think the first manufacturer that has this seal of approval would really be able to rake in the bucks...

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