Bear Group (SpinGenie etc) New Term


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Earlier in the year we saw bonus wagering DOUBLED to 80x and only bonus funds contribute towards wagering. Last week they sneakily added this term to all their brands:

"The maximum accumulated win using bonus funds awarded from your 1st deposit bonus is £500. If the win is more than £500, then upon the wagering requirements being met £500 will be transferred to your cash balance and the remainder will become void."

Applies to: Britain's Got Talent Games, Deal or No Deal Casino, ExpressWins, Pocket Fruity, Slingo, SpinGenie, StarWins and X Factor Games.

What the hell happened to this group? When they first opened it was one of the fairest for UK players, now one of the worse :(


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Yes, but it's only a bonus cash possibility only wagered with using bonus cash. It is what it is, not unusual but combined with the 80x makes a shoddy deal. They've shot themselves in the foot a bit (possibly intentionally) as they've now incentivized very small sign-up deposits as winning £500 with a £25 bonus is a far more attractive proposition than taking the maximum match allowed....:rolleyes:


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Used to play quite a bit at Spin Genie etc but then got caught out with them wanting a very old debit card I had used to deposit - I had changed my debit 2 times ... took forever to get them to understand that the first card was lost so I could not send in copies ... had to dig out all kinds of crap from my bank statements going back a long way to prove to them it was me! Got my withdraw only a few 100 but was not worth the hassle. Have not played there since and withdraw times were slow anyway. The bonus terms are crap. Much better places to squander our coin at.


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I suppose the 1 million £ run out they got from castle-jackpot and the other bingo site and they have to claw back some cash, 80x wager is insane, near impossible with all the rules imposed now days