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Apr 5, 2004
I withdrew 8200 at Be the Dealer on 5/12. They haven't responded to my emails and they have no phone number. Until now, they've been very reliable and a great place to play.

Is anyone else having problems getting paid? Are they in financial trouble?
mwills said:
Is anyone else having problems getting paid? Are they in financial trouble?

I don't know about financial trouble but there is a thread on players payments being held up at Winners On Line.

Jetset alerted management but I am not sure what explanation they have offered, if any.

Hmmmmm, there are non payment complaints surfacing in the affiliate community also. :eek2:

I would definitely NOT recommend playing there until something gets resolved.
Player complaints on Be The Dealer are pretty rare, and I have had a response from my contact advising that the appropriate department has been directed to the WOL thread. It is the weekend, but I expect to see this resolved in the near future. If it is not I will exert a little more pressure.
Affiliate problems there are rare also.

That is what makes all this at once so odd.

I have reached out to the affiliate section also.
More Be The Dealer problems

Although I received the original withdrawal I complained about, I have another withdrawal pending (requested on 5/19) and now I can't seem to log on. I get a "Check your internet connection" message. My internet connection seems fine eveywhere else.

Anybody else having issues?

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