Be The Dealer -the one non MG i have always fancied playing at


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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
I'm sure that use to be listed in the "past issues" section but i cant see it up there anymore.

Its the one non MG i have always fancied playing at, however being grouped up there among virtual and friends has always put me off.

Is my memory playing tricks ?
I took a look at their web site, and to me it looks more like a portal than a casino. Personally, I wouldn't play there, but thats JMO. YMMV. :p
I played at one of their skins (Croupier Club) and never had any problems, whatosever.

The withdrawals do take about a calendar week to happen, though. Also, if you take a signup bonus at one skin, then you can't take another signup bonus at any other BTD skin.

Made some money there, personally ... :D

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