Be The Dealer in trouble??


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Man, I got so lucky there! But I can't get my money from them!!
I have a $5000 withdrawal pending since July!! I email with Pauline and she's very nice, but no dough! And I still have $28,000 still in my account.

Are these guys in trouble financially or what?


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Since July?? :what:
This week is PAB week and I hope to be caught up by Friday. Submit one and I'll get it to the right person.


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jewelbaby said:
Man, I got so lucky there! But I can't get my money from them!!
I have a $5000 withdrawal pending since July!! I email with Pauline and she's very nice, but no dough! And I still have $28,000 still in my account.

Are these guys in trouble financially or what?
i wish someone reputable would take these over as i think they have a great concept and i would love to play there, even if there wasn't any bonuses !!!


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It is an interesting place. Never seemed very liquid. Although, CON is one of the casinos that has the same type of withdraw procedures(insane ones), and they are amongst the best.


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I'm at about 3 weeks waiting........ Not sure I'm going to get my money out of these guys. I would worn everyone else to stay away from them.

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Message From BeTheDealer Management

We acknowledge that BeTheDealer has been experiencing some recent disruption to its cashier functionality. This has led to random rejections of some attempted deposits and delays in some attempted withdrawals. We apologise to customers who have experienced difficulty in either depositing or withdrawing money recently.

We are processing many requests manually whilst we are working to ensure an effective onward solution which will enable swift and secure deposits and withdrawals. We realise this is far from ideal and thank you for your continued support.

Customers experiencing difficulties either with deposits or withdrawals are invited to contact me via Private Message, email at or their normal customer support agent.


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halfway to busto

Emailing customer service is a circle jerk of waiting for nothing to happen.

I pm'ed you about my cashout woes, hopefully you get this fixed asap.


halfway to busto

While emailing customer service repeatedly seems to get the same unhelpful response, I pm'd the BTD manager yesterday and was paid in full sometime this morning.

Thank you for your help, I consider the matter resolved.



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Hmmm....maybe bethedealer is turning over a new leaf afterall...


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Be The Dealer is not paying me either

I have been waiting for months now. I've sent many emails only to get one of three form letters back but no MONEY!
Are they having financial problems?


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Is Be The Dealer Solvent

Almost two months now and all I get are lame excuses about experiencing problems. How can anyone have technical problems for that long. Something smells rotten in Denmark.


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I've been waiting 3 months

I've been waiting for a 3700 withdrawal for three months now. All I get are emails that promise but don't deliver.
Are they going under?


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I have the same problems

I've also been waiting for a long long time. I'll try a pm to the manager and see if that helps


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3 delaying withdrawals

I am waiting for 3 withdrawals, each $5000. The oldest one is one and half month old, the newest one is 2 weeks old.
I play in this casino for a year and usually I got my money in time, but sometimes, mostly in the last months there were 1-2 months delays. I chat with the live support, email them, they reply and explain their problems. But these are their problems, thay have to fix them. In a good casino if they have a problem, they have to fix it very quickly, without the customers knowledge and continue the business smootly. How it is possible to trust in a casino, where if you win you have to beg for your money? If you loose, they keep your money immediately. If you win, then you have to struggle agaisnt the cashier department.


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one withdrawal is paid

As the casino manager promised in his private message, they paid one withdrawal today.

I hope they will pay the other withdrawals faster in the futures, as this is one of my favourite casinos and I would like to continue the playing here.