Roguish Be The Dealer confuses and doesnt pay in the end


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Jul 25, 2008
Hi All,

here what happened with me at Be The Dealer casino:

On June 12th I played roulette without any bonus (I had it cancelled because I heard they sometimes make problems with bonus)
I won and made a withdrawal of 2700$. Since I didnt get the money or heard a thing of them, I asked on June 24th why the dont pay. The answer was:
"Please be reminded that your withdrawal has been reviewed and approved, however it cannot be completed without verification documents, i.e. government issued ID and Utility bill."
I did what they asked for and sent them my ID and a phone bill. Next day:
Thank you for the documents supplied, however please note that only Electricity, Gas or water bills are accepted as Utility Bills.
so I send them page 1 of an electricity bill.
Their answer:
"Please be reminded that we require Page 3 of this utility bill in order to confirm its validity."
So I sent them page 3 of the utility bill.
Since they put my balance back to the account, I played a little more and lost. I made another withdrawal of 1950$.
Then I got an answer in German that they need all 7 pages of that bill. But I dont have all 7 pages of it because it was nothing important and I didnt keep it.
So what I did was to send them another bill that I still had complete but it was from february this year. I only get my bill once a year usually this year I got it twice because one of my roommates changed. So these are the only 2 bills I have. They didnt accept the bill from february because it was too old. So I came to the point where I sent them everything they asked for. But what they are asking for now I just cant provide.
On 19.07. I got this email:
"Please be advised that we have confirmed the documents you have submitted to be invalid. Therefore, if valid documents are not submitted by Monday morning July 21st, your account mboko will remain disabled and your deposits, transactions 918444, 918262, 918255 amounting to $450 (the total deposits reflecting the Withdrawal amount) will be refunded. We will no longer engage in further conversation on this matter. "

So they refunded my deposits and kept my winnings. Everytime I sent them what they wanted, they invented something new. This is fraud and I want to warn everybody about this!


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Jul 20, 2008
I hope this isn't true. I deposited so many times there at BeTheDealer, but never was able to cash out. Always keep losing. They keep giving you bonusses, but most of the time you lose.
I wonder if anyone else who plays there, experiences the same as I do? :eek2:

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