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Dec 23, 2003
Over the past 50,771 hands I have kept track of every dollar spent and won at Be The Dealer Casino. I enjoy playing there, however, I have made the following observations. If anyone can tell me if they have a similar experience, or the opposite experience, please discuss.
I have played many hours of video poker, play accurately, and have hit 9 royals (so we can assume it's been at least 360,000 hands).

My observations:
1) 8/5 JOB should cost $0.067 per hand (without the royal), so far I'm running a consistent $0.0851 (That's $1,000 more then expected over 50,000 hands).

2) When I play "the dealer", other players are averaging $0.052 cost per hand. Many using the wrong strategy (keeping an ace with a pair, holding 2 high cards to a royal and dropping the "10", keeping inside straights, etc)

3) In Vegas, Tunica, etc, I can deposit $100 (400 credits), and regularly get the machine to 1,000 credits (+$150), with BeThe Dealer, this has not happened over 76 sessions, and only about 15% of the time do I ever go higher then my initial backroll (the first 5-6 hands are nothing and go down 60 credits quickly. However, when I'm the Dealer, seldom do the credits go up and typically it is down $10-$15 dollars.

4) Some very "Lucky" plays when I'm the Dealer. I have chalked it up to volatility, however, yesterday, it was three "4 of a kinds" in 5 hands played. Odds are 1:16,000,000.

Sorry for the rambling, I just wanted to point out it was not just one little area that is not going my way.

Any responses would be appreciated.

Like I said, I enjoy "BeTheDealer" and want to keep in good standing with them, I just want some other perspectives.

P.S. If anyone is interested at the data, I can upload the Excel file with the data and charts.
bethedealer video poker

I find it very hard to believe that this video poker is honest. Right now the progressive for the 25 cent game is $6161, and the progressive for the dollar game is $24,000. It is almost impossible for the meters to get that high unless all the players there are playing short coin. I'd love to see some of the math heads analyze the cards dealt. I have never seen a video poker meter in Las Vegas get anywhere close to these numbers.
At $6161 and an 8/5 paytable the quarter jacks or better has an overall payout of 110.1883% with a HUGE variance of 822.26183 coins.

At the normal $1000 jackpot the payout is 97.2984% with a variance of 19.32326 coins.

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