be aware of online casinos


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May 16, 2010
before you gamble at any online casino read up on them where ever you can ,read there terms and conditions ,any reviews .i've played micro gaming and playtec casinos and i find over the years is that micro gaming casinos dont have the high payouts compared to playtec but you usualy have no hassle getting your money from micro gaming casinos as where playtec casinos pay higher winnings but it can be hassle or you might not get your money period. playtec games i think are better all around for graphics and excitement compared to micro gaming ,micro gaming progressives are boring and in 10 yrs playing them i havent won anything worth talking about. i think when the first online casino that shows players how many other players are playing at the casino are playing and make withdraws instant or close to it as possible and no hassles ,staying consistent with bonuses will surpass everyone else


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Mar 10, 2005
So.....why should we beware of online casinos? Can you provide some reasons? If players do their research and stay away from shady casinos, they'll rarely have a hassle trying to get paid.

Of course people need to read the T&C and fully understand them before playing. Would you sign any legal document without reading through everything?


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Mar 13, 2008
There are some pretty shady operators out there.

If you like Playtech, I have nothing but praise for Bet365, and they are accredited here. No huge bonuses (at least not for low-rolling me), but good comps, great service, and fast payouts.