New Slot Announcement Batman And The Joker jewels Ash Gaming/Playtech


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I had to do a double take then as I was convinced Aristocrat were doing all the retro Batman slots. Looks like Playtech/Ash swooped in and grabbed the online licensing deal.



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Not gonna lie, this actually looks pretty ker-sploosh


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Batman & The Joker - 100 Features in free play

Base game wins over 100x

I ended with a loss of -12066 or -2413xBet after testing, which depending on spin count puts the session RTP at around 83-86%.

Batman & The Joker RTP is 95.01% that includes Jackpot Contribution of 0.99%.

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Just played it at Ladbrokes - was almost embarassing. Completely unstable. Hit the "Bonus" and your machine WILL crash. During normal spins the slot will, almost grugingly, go through the motions, most of the time. It will often just bomb out midway during the maximum 25 spins, for no reason. I mean, don't you DARE think of having other windows open at the same time as playing this slot. Only gives you a max of 25 spins autoplay - whoop-de-doo. Oh - and while I'm at it - payouts for what should be big payers - ie 5 of a kind - are incredibly mean.



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I had one brief dalliance with this slot when my balance was quite high.

Thought I'd give it a bash based on Dunover's review, and waited for the bonus to drop. Base game was fairly solid and I lost about £8 before the free spins came in.

The bonus itself was rather unspectular but I came away with about £35 from it, and decided to run for the hills after that.

A funny, low-variance distraction kind of game, good for a quick blast :)


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Quite like it. Played it a few times now to make my mind up.

Joker pops up and gives either 3 random wilds or 3 full wild reels. Twice now while having the 3 wild reel the rest had been filled with batman for a couple of tasty wins.

The bonus is hot or miss....rarely hit anything on the 5x so i see it as pointless having it.

Good slot imo.


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I found it to be a fun game to play. Got the bonus real fast and made 60x off it. Left it before I lost but overall it was fun.