Dormant account
Jun 27, 2006
Anyone know anything about I read that they have some a good freeroll, but there is next to no activity at the tables in there. So I was wondering if it is because it is new or because its a scam.
The software also looks a bit 90s.
Can't find any info about the company either on their homepage.
Then that could very well be a clear sign to stay away from them.
If you can't find no info about them from their site, forget them and find another site.

I just checked their site...

I wouldn't play there unless they give me some free bucks to start with ..jajaja just kidding.

I didn't like their contact info. Just some emails, no phone number, chat, etc.

They do not clarify where are they located plus I couldn't find to which network are they affiliated to.

No software provider especified either which I don't like.

MMM weak website.. I didn't like it and will recommend you to check some other places.
Thank you for your replies.
I signed up without depositing money, because I thought well if it turns out to be an ok site and I win some money in the freerolls, well I will have some money there.
Well, then I get their welcome e-mail or should I say wecome e-mail. When there are spelling mistakes in the header of an e-mail it doesn't really spell confidence.
Also no contact info in the e-mail. Just Sincerely yours, support management team.

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