Banned From All Caddell Casinos


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Jun 19, 2009
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Had a good run in the last couple of weeks on various casinos including whitehats. I usually deposit £40 with at least a 75% bonus and withdraw cash if I at least double my deposit. I've rarely touched the deposit bonuses but have got the email this morning from 21prive saying I'm bonus banned from all sites.

No explanation given but I have asked. Are there any reps on here?
I got bonus banned last year when I dared to have 3 cashouts in one month. They bonus ban if you win but still allow you to play. I've kinda forgotten about them.


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Feb 16, 2018
The only reason I deposited so much there was because of the bonuses. I very rarely managed to clear wagering. The majority of cash outs happened before hitting the bonus.

I liked the sites as they had a good selection of games (mostly blueprints) with a second chance bonus. There are plenty of better casinos to play at that don't offer bonuses so have no reason to deposit at a whitehat without one.

They have lost a customer by removing the thing that made me a regular in the first place.

If I had regular cash outs from completing wagering I could understand the reasoning but I didn't. They were modest withdrawals usually around £80 to £ 100 from £40 deposits without using the bonus

It`s really boiled my urine and frustrating that I can't do a thing about it.


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Jan 9, 2013
@Billybc .

i get the feeling some casinos take a dislike to people cashing out 80/100 from a 40 deposit, while constantly using "2nd chance bonuses".
once they notice that happen more than once, and then notice people redeposit with a bonus later and take similar approaches, i think it makes some of them frown. add in that there must be additional costs for bonuses and processing fees and and what have you, I'd guessthey just deem it not worthy. even more so if the player is in profit.

I know, the old 'well dont keep bloody offering me them then!' comes to mind too.
but at the same time, all things considered, one can kind of understand such a business perspective.

i appreciate Caddel in particular are very trigger happy on the bonus banning in general mind, something the way they have set up shop was likely, imo, going to happen.

might register and see if i can join the ban club at some point in the future, nobody likes to be the odd one out :D

on the bright side, you can always take some time away and go full Bear Grylls for a day or two, with peace of mind that your piss has been boiled beforehand.
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Jan 22, 2013
lol, makes my 8K look like pocket change.

Surprised they ban they way they do, no chance of recouping any of our winnings :confused:

I don't normally take bonuses but I got a e-mail with 100% up to £1200 from their mailing list and I went down the silly route of max betting (£5) after winning. Whilst this does not break any rules, you can see how it might piss them off a little :p

I've been loyal to that group since the early days with losses along the way so if they don't want my business I'll just play elsewhere. Back to Videoslots and Novibet it is!


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Feb 6, 2020
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Well, the ban just arrived for me by e-mail. After winning a total of £21,000 on Final Countdown and Bonanza last night, looks like I have tipped the scales! I took a 100% bonus at Captain Spins :(

With no affiliate contacts now, I will just have to play elsewhere :rolleyes:
so you take them for 20 grand and they ban you and have zero chance now of getting anything back seriously stupid bad business sense! congrats


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May 6, 2019
:laugh::laugh::laugh: Enticing people to deposit with bonuses then banning when said player has the audacity to cash out.

At least they're being brazen in their quest to make money from you, win and get ahead and you're no longer any use to them. How short sighted though, really; seems you really can get by with all the business acumen of a deceased housefly.