Banned for life by Caddell


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Dec 20, 2016
Long time lurker now making my first post!

I have been banned from all Caddell casinos for life for what in my opinion is winning too much. I have been loyal to Caddell for my years having opened accounts at around half of their sites and making several deposits at each and some nice withdrawals. I've been presented with many gifts over time including free crates of beer and random draws of cash and gadgets totalling several hundreds of pounds.

Spin Station sent me a email last week giving me a exclusive invite to their new outfit called MIAMI DICE. I was delighted with the offer and accepted by making a deposit. After meeting wagering of circa 31,000 GBP I cashed out and received confirmation that my existing ID was valid and the withdrawal was still on course. Today I received this message which has upset me because they won't tell me what rule I have broken. I may be retired and getting on a bit but I have not broken any rules. It's just me who uses my account and I only have one account at each casino in the group.

Outdated URL (Invalid)

Speaking with them on chat a moment ago they will honour my withdrawal but the lifetime ban will remain. If unhappy I should open a ecogra complaint?

I have lost 500-1000 GBP cash value of loyalty points at MIAMI DICE, SPINSTATION and G'DAY CASINO on closure which is sad. I was saving them up and now regret not using them.



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Jan 17, 2014
lol it looks like they got tired of waiting around for you to start losing. You became too costly to them and they gave ya the boot.

Nothing like giving you VIP treatment and then just outright banning you

slotsmillion pretty much did this to me.

They started banning my fav games from me. Bonus banning me. Being rude to me etc etc in hopes I would leave them because I kept winning often.


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Jan 22, 2013
Welcome to CM :thumbsup:

Online casinos reserve the right to ban a player for any reason they see fit at any point. You don't mention how much your withdrawl was at Miami Dice - Wagering over 30 grand suggests a big deposit in the first place?

The positives are they are going to pay you. Make sure you keep all e-mails and/or screenshots of this incase they revoke their decision. There are better groups of casinos out there, look at: Link Outdated / Removed for the CasinoMeister accredited list.

Forget about making a complaint to eCogra or anyone else, it will be time consuming and you're not going to acheive anything. The casino's decision is final after all. Only Pitch a Bitch here or file with eCogra if you do not receive your winningd within the next 5 working days.

Take your winnings and enjoy them. Forget Caddell and their horrid terms and conditions. Surprised you put up with the silly wagering and minimum £1 bets for that long :oops: