Banking Suggestions ??


Dormant account
Sep 17, 2002
Alrighty then. Having been a recipient of our US Congress deciding what's good for me and not good for me I have not gambled online since that silly law kicked in. I don't live in the US, but I work for the US in Germany, and bank with US banks. I don't own a foreign account, and even my credit cards are all US. I don't wanna start a a German, or any other nation, bank account.

I want to know what's come in to fill the gaps. I saw a reference to "Immediate Deposit," Eco, and a number of other alternatives that allow deposits, but I don't know what's what.

There must be a number of folks here that have found alternatives to Neteller and the other sources that dried up. Look what happened when Paypal stopped funding gaming sites - hardly a blip on the radar.

So, suggestions? I've tried Click to Pay but got stuck because of the locale of my bank, Any others?