WARNING Balzac Casino: no-pay, confiscations and rogue CS practices


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Jan 20, 2004
The problems with Balzac Casino (balzaccasino.com) came to our attention when a player reported that €70,000 in winnings, including a €32,000 jackpot, were confiscated without explanation. The player tried repeatedly over a period of several months to get a response but the casino simply ignored it all. At that point the player came to us for assistance.

We submitted the PAB details to the casino several times without reply. When they were finally warned that the next step would be a public statement regarding their mismanagement of the player's case they quickly responded saying "Very sorry, can't imagine what happened to your previous emails".

In this response they said "we have not received all the requested documents" and that they had no problem paying the player once those documents -- which they described in detail -- were received. I passed this on to the player, within a week he had provided them to the casino and ... nothing, no response at all.

For the next several weeks I tried time and again to get a statement from the casino regarding the status of the player's payments: nothing. Finally the player reported that the casino had simply removed the player's current balance -- including a recent deposit -- and left the account at zero.

WARNING: Balzac Casino is confiscating player winnings and deposits without warning or explanation, ignoring player complaints and generally acting like full-on rogues when it comes to addressing the problems they have caused. Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid this casino.

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