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Feb 22, 2013
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havent spotted a thread about them, but checking my mail there saw that they have added 8 bally games there in a seperate "viva las vegas" section, all rtp are included in the help files and seem to be around 93-94% in general, just had a quick go on big vegas with 50 quid on min stake, hit the feature once which was dissapointing, but carried on playing, raised bet to 80p as i was running out of money and hit a nicer result, basically got my money back :)

no idea if these are available elsewhere but its the first time ive seen them at least :p

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my bonus round :)
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Dec 28, 2010

I asked Mr Green earlier today if they could provide me with a list of restricted countries.

So for those who are interested, players from these countries can not play Bally games at Mr Green (including Norway :mad:):

(basically some of the same restrictions we see on IGT games)



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Jan 11, 2013
Yes, Bally Games first time online at Mr Green :)

Any kind of requests / questions, please let me know.


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May 29, 2004
Some of the exclusions I can understand, but why the likes of Norway, Netherlands, France etc? :)

Those are all jurisdictions that take a dim view of overseas operators playing in their space. Norway and the Netherlands would prefer to have a monopoly while France have a strict and not particularly successful licensing regime in place. In fact, I have been lead to believe that some countries are using the French regulations as a template for how not to licence LOL. Basically, the concensus seems to be that they over-tax operators and some have even forfeited their licences.

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