Poker Complaint Ballpoker (Revolution Poker Gaming - GOALGAMING) withradal delay/problem


Dormant account
Apr 16, 2013
Hello, I need a help from you guys :/ I m really confused :/ I played at Ballpoker (Revolution Poker Gaming, like Cake Poker and others similar poker rooms) over 2 years, I made a deposit there, too. But I read so many complaints to this poker network, they didn´t pay so many customers over 1 year, omg :/ I´m waiting for my withdrawal over 3 months and I really afraid then they will ever pay me :/ I sent a complaint to LGA ( and many emails to, but NO REPLY from them....I really don´t know if they solve my problem or not :/ So, are here any representatives of Goalgaming or Revolution Poker Gaming or someone who can help me, please? Or, do you know where can I find any help to solve my problem?? Thanks for all your replies....

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