Bali Casino has withheld a buy-in bonus, despite substantial play by me. They gave only $477 of a $552 cashout. Here is their explanation:

<,You didn't earn the deposit bonus, in order to
<,earn it you have to play an amount at least equal
<,to the amount you deposited + the deposit bonus

The buy-in was $500, bonus was $75, and my action was more than $1200, which is certainly "at least equal" to their requirement.

I'm trying to figure out if they are sleazy or if it's just a mistake, but they did not respond to my email so I can't tell for sure.
I've notified Balicasino about Chip's posting. Let's hope for a quick response.


I've called balicasino about 15 times. They did send me an email claiming my wagers were not enough to earn the bonus. They said my action was only $123. That is dead wrong. It was $1230. They have also refused to send me an audit trail of every bet made, even though that was promised on the phone. I've had several long conversations with the techies who answer, but have never been able to reach management. For three days it's been "they're on the phone" and "Laura just stepped out." They've now stopped taking my calls altogether.

This is truely bizaare behavior. I can't for the life of me figure out why they would offer a bonus they won't pay. It just alienates customers. The poor techies are stuck on the phone all day dealing with disgruntled customers that the management pisses off, then refuses to deal with.

I conclude that denying the bonus was conscious and intentional. If it was a mistake, by this time I could have reached the person who made the decision. I concluded long ago I wouldn't get the money, but have been pursuing them anyway out of perverse curiosity about what produced these weird business practices.

If you're as curious as I, call them at 800-897-0550.

That's Don't play it.

The only thing left to do is put a posting on Usenet so people can look up balicasino on dejanews.
Since posting the above and sending a copy to Bali, I received the email reprinted below (with earlier emails attached). I leave open the possibility that Bali might correct the situation, but it has required a compulsive level of effort to get them to deal with it.

Dear Customer,
We are having the auditing department go over your bets once again and
verify thatthere is no mistake in the records, they are running a query in your
account to make
check on the amount you said you played and in case it is an error in our
side we'llbe adding this money back to your casino account.
Please check your account later on today and if you have any further
questions or comments please feel free to contact us.ThanksBest Regards,
customer Service

At 05:44 PM 6/9/99 -0700, you wrote:
<,This is absolutely wrong. It is off by one digit -- my play was $1,200 plus.<,
<,Please send me a complete audit trail of every bet. <,
<,I can understand there being a mistake the first time, but not after it
was rechecked by auditing. Why are you doing this?<,<,<,

<,<,Auditing department checked on your account and registered
<,<,a total amount of plays equal to $123.00<,<,<,<,Thanks<,<,<,<,Best Regards,
<,<,Customer Service

<,<,<,<,<,<,At 08:28 PM 6/7/99 -0700, you wrote:
<,<,<,This is a mistake. My action was more than $1,000.<,<,<,

<,<,<,<,You didn't earn the deposit bonus, in order to earn it you have to
<,<,<,<,play an amount at least equal to the amount you deposited + the
<,<,<,<,deposit bonus<,<,<,<,<,<,<,<,<,<,
Dear Chipster1

I have called balicasino today...

They refused to answer me and asked me FROM WHICH COMPANY I AM CALLING? They also denied you!!!!and were very RUDE TO ME!

DID they give you back your money?
I signed up at Bali Casino but didn't deposit any money. They called me at home to ask me how much I had deposited because they were having computer problems! I told them I had deposited $00.00 (the truth). I wonder what would have happened if I had told them otherwise? Anyway, after this extraordinary incompetence I decided never to play there.

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