Balance saving screenshots

A bit of a wild card among these screenshots but a game I'd almost forgotten existed.My balnce was £1.99 when I hit this.
Had some good hits on the MAX version of that slot.

If you want to play the MAX version these days you have to go for the clone they made for the Asian market.
The 'normal' max version does not exist anymore, but East Sea Dragonking is a clone of the MAX version and not the normal one.

Deposited £10 went in Reactoonz was £5 Got down to 48p When I hit this. Continued playing and managed to get the top prize of pinks x15 doubled for £300 ! :D Screenshot (979).png
Screenshot (982).png
Had £3 from last weeks play cash back
Last spin had 2p left won £2 managed to get in game bonus what went on for ever and get up to £97Screenshot (1254).png
Screenshot (1257).png

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