bad luck


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Feb 14, 2004
Thanx for your help. I guess that was just bad luck. But what happened today to me is even worse.
I played first time in english harbour. Deposit of 275, Bonus of 275.
I played multiplayer BJ (2 Hands) with 10$ each.
After the first 50 deals (100 Units) my balance was on 600$ but than I started loosing. Alltogether I played 268 Units (134 deals) when I had my balance on zero! Since I won in the beginning, this means that I lost 60 Units in about 168 games.
Is this only bad luck?

I am very new to online gambling, and after my first message in this thread i really thought it was just bad luck, but this case seems to be mysterious. I played exactly the strategy, that the wizard of odds gives for OddsOn but i think the strategy is not really important because we're only talking about 168 games.

Does anyone have same experiences with that casino?
How low is the chance to loose that much money in that short time?
English Harbour is one of my favorite casinos - it is my favorite casino! I have never made a bad experience with this casino or their software. I think the software is very fair.

English Harbour is in the Casinomeisters list of reputable online casino not without any reasons.

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