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I had some bad experiences with Spin Palace, including horrible payouts, bonus scams, and false RTP percentages. For that reason, I'm wondering if there are more 'no-go online casinos' out there.

I have read on the internet that Spin Palace has quite a poor reputation, but maybe there are more 'blacklisted online gambling sites'. This way we can warn each other for online casinos that are just a waste of time and money.


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You can find the list of casinos you should stay away from right here: Rogues
You can also take into consideration the casinos found here: Reservations
And of course the casinos that are accredited: Accredited

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I never had a problem with many, many transactions, play time, Returns etc etc with Spin Palace before they pulled out of the UK market.
I found your post very surprising to be honest but I think they were part of the Betway group when I was playing and have since been brought out.

That being said the group that 'took them over' have a pretty decent reputation and most, if not all are accredited here at CM.

A lot of my huge (well huge for a low roller) 'hits' came from SP and My record still stands at that casino - Longest lasting deposit: - £20 lasting 6 days (with lengthy play each day) total cash out £980.

Not defending them but are you sure your OP wasn't made after a few losing sessions :p


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I had some bad experiences with Spin Palace, including horrible payouts, bonus scams, and false RTP percentages. For that reason, I'm wondering if there are more 'no-go online casinos' out there.
I 100% agree with jonmincher's post above: I played with Spin Palace on & off for 10 years until they closed to UK players last November - never had ANY problems or issues with them (apart from their bonus WR being too high for my liking in the later years!)

They were also accredited here until June last year, when CM moved them to the reservation. And this was only done because of the way their marketing team work - and not due to any "mistreatment" of players.

What do you mean by "false RTPs" exactly? :confused:



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I thought they opened up spin casino for U.K players and took a good load of other casino details that also pulled out & now part of the betway group, I believe there has been a load of mishap at the new spin casino ?


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Betway Group created Spin Casino to take in all the migrated UK players from Fortune Lounge etc.

Not going to repeat my exact thoughts and previous posts but what a cock up that was :eek:

So here's the short version :p, I am not a 'Close my account' type player for any reasons but I made an exception for these guys!!!
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I started out playing at spin palace as my first online casino experience. I can't be bothered detailing this in full because I have already done that - write a somewhat lengthy review of them at ask gamblers '' (2nd post from the top) if anyone is dying of boredom to read but I have to say I have had a positive experience at Spin Palace even though I don't play there anymore (not for 6 months at least).

I always got paid when making withdrawals (minus $5 bank fee which is actually quite reasonable) within 3-5 days, I never bothered with their bonuses even though from memory they were somewhat reasonable at x35. Their loyalty program is fairly average unless your a high roller I assume. They also have some mini games last time I was on like guess the 3 number combination and if you win talk to support about your prize. There was one day I busted out and even though your only allowed one guess a day for some reason if you open and close the client you can guess over and over ..... so guess what, after 30 minutes of doing that I got the combination and went to support and got $30 prize money which I turned to $200 :p I can share this story now because I don't play there or plan on playing there lol :p

Anyway I stopped playing here after discovering this site and learnt more about their reputation. I wanted to try other places at that point and this site got me started on 32red than guts than ... well about 10 more other places. What really made me stop playing there was after a month of inactivity they kept calling me trying to get me to come back and pitching the same 'pick up' lines like reading from a recipe book. I had 3 different people (all with south african accents) tell me the same thing 3 weeks in a row. "We want you to win!" "Can you imagine what you could do if you won the jackpot?" "Next time you log in we'll give you a special bonus - just for you!". Told them to stop calling but you guess it they kept doing it until I e-mailed them to close my account. Imagine if I was a high roller I'd probably have people from their casino visiting my house offering me gifts to return.

Its not a horrible casino but its very limited (as its only microgaming) and in all honestly I can't complain too much because I never had a withdrawal issue and no ID verification at all. Mind you I was only playing fruit loot and multiplayer/live roulette for 4 months before I expanded my gaming selection.

Oh yeah I will share with you this cool pamphlet they sent right before I told them to close my account. Its probably not even theirs as they have stuck a few stickers on it :-

sp1.jpg sp-2.jpg

They really missed me it seems hahaha. I will always like them because it was my first experience and I'll treat this pamphlet as a gift for the memories :p So I don't recommend them to be honest but I have no problems if people play here (if that makes sense) hehehe