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Jul 3, 2006
Hey guys I created this account just to let off some steam about my bad experience with Pokertime (part of the Prima network) today.

It all started after I received this email from them:

Dear Sean

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that your PokerTime Account
( ******* ) has been credited with 15 Poker credits, as part of the following promotion: Poker Tournament Prize Guarantee.

Please ensure that you read the raked hands requirements attached to this bonus - as some bonuses have specific requirements.
You can view these requirements by following this link:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Should you not wish to comply with the raked hands requirements and have the bonus removed from your account, please email the PokerTime Support desk on this address:

If wagers have taken place on any bonus received, then that bonus may not be removed from your account (either by means of cash in or a request to the support staff) until the raked
hands requirements associated to that bonus have been met.


I have always loved the rare time that Pokertime would credit my account with a bonus. Even though it is only 15$, I was still happy. It portrays loyalty to their customers. So after reading this email, I login to my account to realize that the bonus had not been awarded to my account. Odd, especially considering the email said it was already in my account. Being rather distraught and eager to find out where my bonus is, I click on the live chat link. After waiting for 5 minutes for someone to join the help chat, it states that all of their CSRs are busy. I wait 5 minutes, try again and the same thing happens. I figure it might be busy so I decide to email them. I email them, go run some errands and come back an hour or 2 later. I check my email and no response. So I decide to call them.

After calling them and explaining that I did not receive the bonus that was apparently already added to my account they put me on hold for 5 minutes. They apologize for the hold and tell me that the email I received was in error. In shock, I ask them how this is possible considering that it contains my name and account number. He repeats again that the email was in error and asks what he can do to help. I tell the guy that I just want this 15$ bonus that is apparently already in my account (as according to the email) to actually be added to my account! He starts to anger up and tells me it was an error. I ask to speak to the supervisor and he tells me he is not there. I replied by saying that I would wait on hold for him to return, and almost immediately after finishing my sentence he transfers me to the supervisor.

The supervisor asks me what is wrong and I repeat my qualm about this email to him. He says that it was an error and that they sent out apologies to everyone who received this email. I quickly checked my inbox to see if I had received this email and I did not. I told the supervisor this and he asked what he could do to help. I expained to him that I have been a loyal Pokertime member for over a year and that I felt that if I received an email saying that a 15$ had been added to my account, that I should receive a 15 dollar bonus in my account. Further, regardless if it is an error, as a way to show loyalty to their customers, they should still honor the bonus that they claimed was ALREADY added to my account. He once again apologized angrily and told me there was nothing he could do.

I am terribly distraught about this whole ordeal. What a crock it is to send out an email stating that a bonus has been added to my account when nothing had been added. I received no apology letter, and when I called them I received nothing but rudeness from their CSR's.

Please tell me what you guys think about this. Am I being unreasonable or is Pokertime just an untrustworthy site?
obixx said:
Please tell me what you guys think about this. Am I being unreasonable or is Pokertime just an untrustworthy site?

The wording of the email sounds as if this was a guaranteed money tourney. Did you take part in a tourney where the pool was guaranteed? If so, the money in the tourney may not have reached the guarantee and they have decided to pay any shortfalls as a side credit.

Looks like they have made a mistake and have sent emails to players that were not playing in this particular tourney. I'm just guessing though...

As for them not honouring your 15 bucks, well I think that is a bit naughty. I wonder why they are not concerned about your custom? If that was me, I would probably never deposit there again, but it is not me so you need to make the choice yourself.
obixx said:
Please tell me what you guys think about this. Am I being unreasonable or is Pokertime just an untrustworthy site?
I don't know about untrustworthy - but their behavior is diabolical!
All that fuss for just 15 bucks which you will probably lose in meeting the WR anyway is pathetic.
They need to take their heads out of where the sun don't shine.

Dump 'em & try another Prima site if that's what you like.
(Maybe 32Red Poker?)
Agree with KK and cheekymonkey, dump em!! If you dont get a decent standard of support do not continue to give them your business. Luckily its only $15 but next time it could be much more. There are loads of poker sites out there with decent support and that will value your custom.
obixx said:
Seriously, not a single reply?
Well, yeah - this was posted around my time and many of the members here are in Europe.

I wouldn't get so riled up about this. It's not like they haven't paid you your money - it's a stupid bonus. Just chalk it up as a customer service screw up and mosey on to greener pastures. They have more than enough competitors.

I didnt even read the posts on this thread

Microgamings Prima Poker network is nice.

However Poker Time provides the worst CS out there. I recently closed my account with them and I am thinking on becoming a loyal Titan Poker customer.

Ive been a customer of Poker Time for about 4 months and my experience with their CS has been really annoying.

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