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May 28, 2004

Here is my bad experiences with CasinoFortune, one of "the most reputable" casino online mentioned by OPA:

I am new to casino games.Referred by a Chinese portal site, I registered in CasinoFortune early this month. Pretty soon I recieved a mail from CasinoFortune, the full text is as following:

Hello Ying

Your casino account has been credited with $200.00 for registering and purchasing using one of our alternative purchasing methods. You will see this when next you logon.

Please note: In the spirit of good gaming, before any cashins will be processed, both deposit and bonus must be wagered 6 times, excluding Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, & Baccarat.

Thank you for playing at Casino Fortune.

Customer Service Manager
Casino Fortune
Toll free at: 1-888-349-3571
Collect at: 1-868-624-5228/8527

As I mentioned, I am new to casino games. So I am not cautious enough to figure out if there is another bonus rule. I just innocently think the 6times excluding Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, & Baccarat is the only bonus rule. So I think:"that's OK, though I enjoy playing Roulette, I still can meet the requirement by playing some other games." So I played both Roulette and Casino War,and I won more than $2000 through Roulette, and then I played some more casinowar games to meet the playthrough requirement.

But when I was requesting a cashout. A casino mail reaches me,claims because I played Roulette while recieving bonus from casino, my winning from roulette are all void.And I have to play 16X in all other games before requesting a cashout.

I was shocked, and then I searched their website. There is a bonus rule mentioned the thing they talk about. But how about the mail I recieved? The 6times and Roulette exclusive thing and all the spirit of game bullshits? Since they have another bonus rule exists, are all things they send in mail just jokes or cheats of something else? And even with my humble knowledge of casino gaming, I still know playing on Roulette will lead to forfeit of winning is not a common casino practice, while Roulette exclusive(that only means wager on Roulette will not count into playthrough requirements) is more like the regular one.

So I wrote them,stating that I believe the mail they send to me is a misleading one which eventully cause all the mess. I was asking they give me a better solution other than simply forfeit my winning because I think this is not my fault. But they said they have their bonus rule.They can only apologize to me, but won't compensate my loss.

Now my argue is:How can I know there is another bonus rule since they already send me one in mail? If in the first place I saw that 16X rule, should I search their whole site to see if there is another hidden rule said that I have to play 20X and virtually can't play on any games? And since there are two rules, why they only choose the one preferable to them, why they send me that mail anyway? And, if they hate Roulette so much that even people played on them would lead to a forfeit of winning, why they put these games over there? And, if I lose in those Roulette game instead of winning, will they refund my loss since I "shouldn't" play on these games? What a spirits of good gaming! should we say a spirits of good to casino?

Now I would like to post my experience here, just want to let all others who may be considering of trying on CasinoFortune that I think CasinoFortune is not a responsible casino. And also, I hope because of my posting, the management of CasinoFortune could realize that they were having a problem.
This is from their own website:
Promotional Bonus given MUST be wagered SIXTEEN (16) times the total amount deposited (Deposit + promotional bonus) BEFORE making any cash-in. (For example, if you play two hands of BlackJack and wager 5 credits on each, this represents a total of 10 credits wagered. If you win one of these hands and lose the other, your credit balance will remain the same; the amount wagered (10 credits) counts toward fulfilling your promotional obligation).
All PROMOTIONAL BONUS credits are for wagering purposes only. No cash-in will be honored for an amount less than the PROMOTIONAL BONUS. Upon your FIRST cash-in (regardless of the number of deposits), any amount up to the equivalent value of the PROMOTIONAL BONUS will be deducted from your balance or winnings prior to settlement. The first credits wagered will be deducted from your deposit(s) rather than from the PROMOTIONAL BONUS.
By claiming this promotion, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, or Sicbo can be played but wagering on them would not count towards satisfying the wagering requirements of this offer. You can cash in after wagering 16X the total amount deposited ( deposit plus bonus ) or your balance reaches zero. Failure to comply will void any and all winnings, as well as promotional bonus credits, and may result in your account being locked at the sole discretion of the casino.
So they do allow you to play roulette. They should NOT void your winning had you fullfill the wager requirement playing war.
Are you sure you have played enough War (16x200=3200)? If you didn't, they do have excuse to void your winning with roulette. I know it's total BS, that's why I always make sure I played enough before cashin anything.
You can pitch a bitch with casino meister. IMO casino fortune is one of the good playtech casinos, maybe the CS person is just clueless.
Just to point out the wagering requirement is 16 times the deposit AND bonus. Asuming you deposited to get the $200 this will ofcourse increase the minimum wagering requirements accordingly.

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