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Nov 17, 2003
I'm new to online casino and is now having trouble wiring to city club casino. I chose that casino because I thought the playtech engine is really cool compared to the others. My credit cards doesn't work so I tried to wire transfer money over. Kiwi casino do not reply my mails so I wired my money to city club instead.

To my dismay my money is still not in my account yet due to wrong beneficiary account name which is supposed to be "1 atm cyber processing ltd". I was given "one atm cyber processing ltd, account #46778". Not being exactly sure how to fill in the wire transfer form from my bank I emailed and confirmed the required fields twice to city club support. Needless to say, they didn't have a clue.

After almost one month of investigation they came back saying the account name is wrong and has contacted my bank regarding the error without reply. I went to my bank and they were surprise to see me regarding the wire as the bank is usually to one to inform failed transfer. This whole situation is a bit dodgy now as it seems it is not the convention for banks to hold transfers with wrong beneficiary. Hope some experts can help me out here? I still have to mails in my box now in case anyone wants to verify my claims.

Now I'm worried about transfering my money. Should I have wired neteller first then transfer the money to the casinos? I've just certified my neteller acc. but thought better clarify matters here with more experienced ppl here first. Thanks.
Hi TJL and welcome to the forum. With regards the wire problems you are encountering. I would definitely advise you to utilize the services of Neteller rather than a wire anytime. Neteller is very adept at money transfers to and probably more importantly from casinos. There simply is no comparison when it comes to Neteller's speed, security and efficiency. Have a good one.

tjl- I have also used Neteller many times withy great results. They keep you updated with emails and your account is there to see what you have had transferred and when.

One other thing, however, since you are new to online gambling. Make sure you read the terms from each casino, especially WAGERING REQUIREMENTS and games which count toward fulfilling your wagers. For example, I believe City Club Casino has a 20X wager requirement, which means you must wager 20X your deposit & bonus before cashing out. Some are worse, many are better. GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN! (Also, you are patient- waiting that long for a wire transfer to be cleared up!!)
Thanks, that reminds me of another question. If I do not want the bonus, am I still bound by the wagering requirements?
AT most casinos, you wouldn't be bound by wagering requirements if you refuse all bonuses. If you decide not to use any bonuses, make sure you let them know you want no bonuses, because they will often give you neteller bonuses, which will then put you under the wagering requirements.
Also, make sure you let them know BEFORE you wager anything. I would also ask to get something in writing (either email or LiveHelp center) from them which shows that you have refused all bonuses and are under no wagering requirements. Better to have the protection, just in case there is a question later on. (You may still consider the 100% match bonus according to what you play. It can be a help or hinderance!)
Love2vegas and cipher are right on the mark, neteller is the way to go. And if you connect it to your bank account, you'll get your money in about 2 days after you request a withdrawl from neteller. They've been totally consistent in this regard over many withdrawls that I've done.

Also, as far as bonuses are concerned, don't wager a single penny if you've received and automatic bonus and don't want it. Call AND email the casino immediately and tell them to remove it. Then be sure to wait until it is done before you play anything. If you do decide to take a bonus, don't only read every single word of the terms and conditions at least twice, but SAVE a copy of it before you start playing. If there is any part of it at all that you don't understand, email the casino for clarification before you start playing so you'll have an explaination in writing and then save that email. As long as you follow the rules religiously, you shouldn't have any problems at any reputable casinos.

Welcome and good luck!
Just to update on my situation.

The money has finally been credited to my account on 2 Dec. The transfer was intiated on 29 Oct. The whole process took more than a month caused by bad information given by the support.

Another issue arises, I wired US$300 to the casino but only US$283 was credited. I'm not sure where in the conditions mentioned a 5.6% tax. Am I ignorant of a standard procedure? Still waiting for an answer from the support.

Just for information, I was given a $100 signup bonus and $10 wire transfer bonus without asking for it.

Ya, intiated a wire transfer to neteller as well. If anyone from singapore wants to know the outcome, just post and I'll reply.

Thanks all for advice given. Much appreciated.

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