Bad case of hijacking spyware


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May 28, 2010
So that lovely group prism casino belongs to has hidden on my pc a nice little bug that hijacks my browser and redirects me to a beautifuly laid out advertisement. Oh and not to mention it has made my pc slower and creates difficulty opening up my home page. I deleted all their files a while ago so hey any clue how i can permanently delete this bug and where to find it?


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Jul 27, 2007
My son just cleaned up my PC, was getting all sorts of unwanted popups.
He loaded the task manager, clicked on the processes tab. Looked for what was NOT supposed to be running in the background (and on start up) and took them off. It seems to have worked (mine was being caused by Winamp, which I haven't used in over a year).

Also, try using the search function to make sure ALL of the files for the unwanted casinos are gone. Sometimes they embed themselves into other "shared" programs. Hope this helps.
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Aug 31, 2010
just wanted to let you guys know that i had the same prob last week. It's some really crazy shit; files being copied and put into hidden shared maps.. ( even found jpegs screenshots of me playing on diffrent casino's, wtf ) data being send to a server, reg edits got nuked and changed, even my router/host scripts were changed. and i could go on for a while...

if you think somethings up try a search on your pc with the phrase shared and check your aplication data map in your windows map.

oh and same here it also installed prism casino... ( but i doubt that was the starter of al troubles.. )

srry for poor english,


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Jul 13, 2009
malwares antibytes followed by windowwasher by webroot
window washer is very good at cleaning out your cache , its like prunes for your computer

if you have the page redirect hiding in your temp files washer will get rid of it and now works with windows 7

tho i will point out when you use malwares antibytes that it will show every casino you have installed on your pc , so just uncheck your legitimate ones before cleaning

just google both the names malwares is free and windowwasher is a trial

good luck