Bad beats


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How in the world do these things happen? It really does seem to good to be true. I mean, mathematically he was out after the flop... How?...


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Lost my last 6/7 flopped top sets in the last 2 days. 4 times 8's and twice 10's. Two times against 2players who both ended up improving, with one a guy hits his gutt shot on the turn and then the other hit his open ender on the river, and the other hand a guy hitting a straight and the other guy rivering an flush.

I remember counting once where losing about 14 situations all in in a row (obviously not hand after hand) where when the money went in i was 90-95% favourite everytime.
I know its not that uncommon to lose the above mentioned hands, but i swear if you were to challenge me to a game of coin flipping 30 times, you would win 30 times.


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Seen that vid before. That guys voice "wooooOOOOoow" haha.

1 in 2.7mill, hmm, thats approaching 2000x or better bonanza hit territory odds


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Had 5 if i recall as well. Could be more not sure.

2 were in freerolls with most people/or everyone sitting out though, lol

Most enraging hand i can remember off the top of my head was for a large pot in a cash game that included reraises on each street, 1v1 on a 6 seater holding 99 against 1010.
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