bad affiliate program connecttocasino


Dormant account
Here is the following stats ,to which i emailed connecttocasino inquiring about earnings. There reply-


I've run a report from the beginning of January for your affiliate id
and unfortunately there aren't any qualifiable earnings for affiliate 812.

Affiliate Support

I guess an average of 176.00 depoited per player is not enough. Yah!

SUMMARY TO DATE Number of Clickthroughs: 266
Number of Downloaders: 172
Number of Players: 77
Number of New Depositors: 5
Total Initial Deposits: $230.00
Total Deposits: $880.00
Net Win: $12,638.92
Coupon Amounts Awarded: $7,643.25
Manager Credit Amounts Awarded: $4,307.50
ChargeBacks: $0.00

Net Profit: (Net Win - Coupons - Credits - Chargebacks) $688.17
Amount Deducted: $151.00
Amount Miscellaneous Adjustments: $0.00
Amount Added For Reversed Bans: $0.00
Amount Earned: $755.00
Amount Earned From Tiers: $0.00