Back-Stories To Slot Games


I'm Beetlejuice Baby!
Sometimes I play at places like 3Dice for example, and wonder what the back-stories of certain
games are, like Medieval-Moolah. What do the characters mean and what is their relevance to the slot game.

What slot game back-story at any online casino platform have you wondered about?

I've searched and tried to look for answers but did not come up successful with my research.
Perhaps casino reps could fill us in about what the back-stories of these slots really are.


I'm Beetlejuice Baby!
Enzo and Ron got drunk one night and started to doodle. Thus Moohla was born..
LOL! Is that fact? Why the hell does the skull get chased? And while we're on the subject, why the heck
is the skull such a scared little pansy?


I-Gaming Industry Representative
Ahhh medieval moolah ..

Or to be correct - the current incarnation would be medieval moolah lite. And in that lies also the key to the origin of the characters in that game.

In its previous and original form the game started with an intro that took you over a bridge, past a sleeping dragon to the gate of the castle that you still see there today. A castle of which the courtyard was revealed in the bonus game. A courtyard filled with life in the form of chickens, pigs, and - a trebuchet. The latter could be used to sling kegs, pigs or anything else you could find to the center of the courtyard in an attempt to uncover the treasures hidden in the castle basements. You had to thread with care tho - not all of the basements were filled with lute - some contained the spirits of tortured prisoners, the skulls of which you could see flying out if those basements were opened.

Alas, a multitude of reasons had us refactor this exciting bonus game into its current form. For starters, quite a few 3Dice players at the time were still operating medieval computers (abacus + mouse) - and then there were the numerous animal rights groups complaints.

So that explains the pig - the flying skulls - and the dragon. How the pig got its shirt is another story - we'll have to keep that for another day ;)



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