B2B Network to ban US players....


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Jan 29, 2002
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Effective 9/1/06. U.S. players are a very small portion of their base so i can understand their thinking but it is sad to see things like this happen. I am sure there will be more to come.
Very sad news. The US government is really retarded when it comes to online gaming, and the internet as a whole for that matter.

Still there will always be a way for players to get online and play. Its just that some of the operations will not be as honest and trustworthy than if they were fully regulated, legal and controlled.

At least here in the UK the government has realised that online gaming is an unstoppable force, and plan to regulate it and allow companies to operate from the UK. Once it gets going it really will provide safe and fair gambling for us UK peeps :thumbsup:
The fact that B2B has an associated sportsbook made it an easy decision. I'm sure that was why Eurobet decided to ban U.S. players as well. At least B2B gave some notice unlike Eurobet that just decided to block them right away.

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