B&M casino oddity


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I was in The Sands, Bethlehem, Pa yesterday and I used the voucher cash-out machine to cash a voucher for $150.10 and the machine gave me 1 $100 bill, 2 $20 bills, 2 $5 bills and 2 nickles. In the past I have noticed that these machines never issue $10 bills or dimes, at least here in the Eastern US. I asked one of the slot attendants about it and he confirmed it, no $10 bills and no dimes, although he did not know the reason why.

How about the rest of the US, any $10's or dimes from a machine?

Anybody think of any reason why this may be?


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You are correct. I have never seen $10 bills or dimes ever, anywhere.
They actually just changed the machines at the Hard Rock to not spit out any change at all. You get your change back on a new ticket. If you want the change you have to go to the cage. One more way to squeeze out that last penny.