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Mar 18, 2006
Is anyone else having any problem with cash-ins at Aztec??

I cashed - in on Tuesday, March 14th for $1000 and had the withdrawal flushed. On Wednesday, I was told that the cash-in had been processed and sent to Firepay and would appear in Firepay "within" 48 hours. Well, 48 hours went by and still no funds in Firepay.
I requested Firepay transaction numbers and Aztec has refused to give them to me. All they provided me with was a "back-end" report that they have to provide on cashcheck (this was after they had cleared out my complete playing history and I questioned it). Now, the playing history along with my cash check statement has mysteriously reappeared.(LOL) I contacted their bank processor and was told, "take it up with management".
Take it up with management?? That was funny--the bank processor IS the same customer support as Aztec. Besides, how can I take it up with management when no one at Aztec is replying to my emails anymore. The only reply I am getting is the automatic "acknowledgement" email.
I went to live chat and when they saw who it was and what my question was they closed the session out.
I am a Platinum Player at Aztec, but this is the 2nd cash-in that I have been given the runaround about. The last time this happened, I said I would contact Casinomeister and within 3 hours, my funds showed up in my Firepay acct. This time I said, I would go to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and they said, "Go AHead".
So, how do I get my cash-in from them?? I have never had any problem with a cash-in at any casino before.
I won't play at Casino Action Casinos again. There are too many other casinos that have superb customer support, fast payouts and treat their players with respect.
Aztec customer support needs to have a training class on how to treat their players.
Thanks for any help that anyone can give me.
Response from Casino Action

We are very sorry if this particular player has been distressed by this situation, but the actual events were as follows;

- The cashin was made on the 15/03/2006 1:04:30 AM, and was processed by our Finance Department on the 15/03/2006 6:32 PM. As part of our processing the cashin files are passed up to the Banking processor. We clearly state to players that we will process cashins within 48 hours of receiving them.

Unfortunately once the files have been passed onto the processor, we no longer have any control over the time it takes for the funds to reach a player. There can be delays with our processor or the Web Wallet (eg. Firepay).

- The funds were received into the account on the 20/03/2006 - approx two working days after we had passed the details to our processor.

At no time did we refuse to give this player transaction numbers. As stated in our communication with them;

I cannot supply you any numbers that will be meaningful to FirePay as we have not been supplied with them by our banking processor. I can tell you the transaction number on your withdrawal was xxxx. However we clearly stated that .Once your account has been credited with the amount, there will be transaction numbers that we will gladly provide you.

We have corresponded with this player and have answered all emails from him as soon as physically possible. Our customer support are very courteous and efficient and do their best to resolve any player issues as quickly as they can. We do not close live chat sessions on a player. In this instance, if the session did close down briefly it would have been down to connectivity problems.

Our casino has instant player payments through Netteller which would have meant that the cashin would have been refunded straight away. This has been communicated to the player.

This is issue is basically a slight miscommunication and action has been taken to ensure this sort of situation does not recur.

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