Aztec not honoring affiliate bonuses


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Jun 4, 2002
This is not a big money problem, but it does bother me. I received an email promotion for a $20 'no deposit' bonus to Aztec Casino if I opened a real account. I immediately downloaded Aztec, installed it and registered as a real player. I went to claim the $20 bonus, but could not find it among the casino promos. I contacted Aztec via 'Live Chat' and was told that the $20 bonus had expired and was replaced with a $10 bonus instead. I argued that I had JUST received the $20 bonus email and they should honor it. I even forwarded the email to them. Their response was that the bonus came from one of their affiliates and that they have no control over what their affiliates send out. That really p*ssed me off. If they're going to selectively honor what they told their affiliates to pass along, how can anyone trust what else they decide to selectively honor! After I cooled down, I decided to take their $10 anyway. Hopefully, I'd get lucky and get back at them. No luck, gave it back anyway, but they'll NEVER get any money out of my pocket. I've not had this problem before and I've been in and out of about 50 casinos this past year. It's the principal of the thing that irks me.
What's the casino url, jdtimi - we'll try and work it a little for you? There are three Aztecs - Gaming, Gold and Riches.
When I get affiliate spam for a casino, particularly one that I already have an account at, I immediately forward it to the casino along with a strongly worded complaint about spam from their affiliates. Most of them will boot the spammer and keep their referral $$, if they are at all reputable. I suggest you try that with Aztec.

BTW, I hit a royal flush there on 10's or better power poker for a grand about a month ago using their 50% bonus offer. They paid promptly too! :yes:

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