Aztec and Phoenician to the "Dark Side". What to do?


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Ok Aztec and Phoenician gone over to "the dark side"!

Emma from the place that dare not speak its name (as all operators are permanently busy) is realising that I am a "High Roller", and is getting desperate to get me on board. First off, a $100 bonus, I ignore her - Now, completely free money dumped into my rewards account (seems to be unlocked too!). Total $170 or 111 for me.

I had a look, have they changed - no, I read the player messages, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to link to the small print, and the headline messageds are a little "economical with the truth" as to the full qualification criteria. Especially that no mention of the obligatory $20 deposit during event hours for all promotions, the message simply refers to "play......(game) and receive...(promotion)...".

Each time, the live chat has "all operators are busy".
Maybe I should just rip the 500 free spins, play for an hour etc promotions and see how long it takes Emma to lock my rewards account:D

I am sure they have my deposit history from Aztec and Phoenician, and are salivating at the throughput there, and the mistaken prospect it has come as a bonus with their purchase of these properties:D :D

The promos on view are crap, but pretty easy - the "latest offer" is interesting, .......................only expired November 2005:lolup:

They are going to have to do better than this to keep the customer base from their purchases.
You never know. Just try it.
Recently I got a diskette from Captain Cooks with $30 ND bonus.
I did not have a lot of hope to get through alive with 300x WR on BJ or VP and withdraw anything, but I played anyway and withdraw $2100 having wagered 40K in the process. I thought I would never get the money due to "not risking my own funds", besides I have accounts open for every other Casino Reward, but got it in my bank account via ACH in one week.
One more thing. Maybe just maybe they're getting there act together regarding customer service. 3 days after my win I got e-mail, I think from Jim, asking me to call him back (888 number) to verify some bank information. I called in the morning EST and got somebody on a phone. He told me Jim was not there at that time and asked me to call back after 7 P.M. To my surprised I was able to reach Jim when I called back and gave him that information he told me the money should be in my bank account in 2 days which exactly what happened.
They don't make you wager the deposit as far as I know. Nor does the nostalgia/musichall etc group.

I think nostalgia/musichall is not part of Casino Rewards. Phoenician is now.
I read T&C and it's 30X WR for slots but you have to wager 10 times more on BJ or VP.
No, they are not part of Casino Rewards. Ths group is Nostalgia, Music Hall, Challenge Casino, Golden Reef and UK Casino Club.

They are instant cash out and I think no wagering requirement on deposit.

Rewards is just no wagering of deposit.

That changes the real value of the bonus considerably.
Heads Up

And just a heads up. Both Phoenician and Aztec Riches casinos were removed from the Accredited section of Casinomeister this week. I've been too busy to mention this.

Casino Rewards has not shown any interest in joining Casinomeister - in fact one of their employees signed up in the forum to act as a representative, but he was told to have the account removed. Poor guy - at least he tried.

I would not recommend playing at these casinos. You're pretty much on your own if you run into problems. No eCOGRA to help, no rep here, and no me. I ain't going to deal with them....unless they want me to.
$170 is pretty good. Just email Emma back and get the terms in writing.

By the way, they told me a few weeks ago they are being audited for an eCogra membership. Not sure if that is new, just something they're always trying, or just BS.

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