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Hi everyone,

I received two newsletters (from two big portals) advertizing Cowboy casino's promo of 100% match bonus and stating that the wagering requirements would be 3 x deposit.

I checked the rules on the site and found out that the wagering requirements were instead 6x deposit + 6x bonus.
I contacted support asking how could they advertize one thind while meaning to do another and this was the reply:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting Cowboy Casino support.

You must wager at least 6 times the deposit and the bonus amount before
any withdrawals can be requested.

Best regards,

Casino Support Representative.

Now don't you think they should have at least apologized?

What do you guys think of this casino?

I have a very low opinion of this group.

A few weeks ago I had a software problem and support was arrogant and rude. They were no help at all. I tried to explain that they might lose a customer as I was unable to use the software, and they didn't seem to care at all.

Really, Ive never dealt with a support crew as careless as Cowboys support team was. And Ive dealt with a lot of support crews.

They treat the customer as the enemy.

BTW, I noticed the problem with terms and conditions also. I think it's indicative of the incompetence of this group.

I would avoid playing there.
Hi Carrie,

I would immediately notify the two portals that they are sending out misleading ads. This is a big problem in this industry, the old "bait and switch". Although it has never happened to me, I know of a few occurances where some casinos had purchased ad space in a newsletter, and offered a modified program on the site.

Let the portals know!

That makes three times- I remember some time ago that "misinterpreted" promotion from cowboy was on vegas lobby.

Once maybe but this is getting a little whiffy.

I can confirm the comments on support- I remember playing here a couple of years ago and managed to get 20 up to 400 at blackjack.

At that stage I wasn't aware that you had to wait for a pin to withdraw (and neither at hat stage was it advised on signup as it is now). When I wrote to support and asked they sent a curt note back about the pin - when I then asked why this wasn't advised earlier the response was equally curt and an advise that if I was dissatisfied then close the account. Inspiring service!

Hi Bryan
I followed your advice and contacted the two portals who replied right away.
This is what they wrote:

1)Hi Carrie:

Thanks for telling me. Actually, this kind of thing happens a lot with
casinos. I always advise players to adhere to the more stringent set


2)Hi Carrie,

Thanks for writing. With regards to the Cowboy Casino, I have to
for your experience. There was an error in comunications between
and the casino, and the disclaimer at the bottom of the mailer was
incorrect. The information on their website was the correct version,
the requirement is 6x + 6x. We honestly do make every effort to insure
our readers are treated fairly by our advertisers, and in this case I
in good conscience lay the blame on Cowboy Casino. It was an error in
published special, not at all a deliberate attempt to mislead by them
or us.

I am sorry that this happened, and we *have* had other complaints from
people who caught the mistake. I hope it doesn't dissuade you from
out Cowboy, it's really a pretty good place to gamble from our
I also hope that you'll continue to enjoy our site, we work hard to
you the best of the web and we deeply regret the error in the

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to
contact me.


I am reluctant to take for sincere both answers but at least I got a reply...
I don't know if any of you would believe that there was no attempot to mislead players...

Hi Carrie,

The portals probably don't have much of an idea what is going on at the casino; they are simply selling ad space, so their responses are more than likely sincere. As for the casino....who knows? If this is a habitual happening, then there's something rotten in casinoland.

Colly wrote,

"When I wrote to support and asked they sent a curt note back about the pin"

This is funny as it mirrors my experience with support exactly.

In fact, I found customer service at all Boss Media sites to be curt and arrogant. In fact, I would say they are downright rude.

Pray you never have to deal with Webdollar, as their support is even worse. Call them, and it's as if you're bothering them. Very rude, and very short and curt when you ask qestions.

Boss Media has always been a favorite of mine, but after the experiences I've had with them over the last few weeks, they are now at the bottom of my list. It just not worth the hassle.
Web Dollar is the absolute pits in my book. We share a pc and underwent a security check; sent them ID 3 times which took hours to get through, and expense, and they kept saying they didn't get it - they just couldn't be bothered hunting for them as my phone bill was proof they went to the right number. The Costa Rica staff were unhelpful and arrogant, but the Swedish members who stepped in were efficient.

After that, 3 separate cheques took over 3.5 months to arrive. How they could all go missing beats me and it would not surprise me if they weren't sent in the first place.

I personally think some *not recommended* lists are a joke as some those casinos offer superior service and quicker payouts than these so-called *respectable* outfits.
Just want to add that I have no quarrel with owners/managers of Boss Media casinos...but think they should compel the Costa Rica staff to act in a way that does not lose them customers!

"We share a pc and underwent a security check; sent them ID 3 times which took hours to get through"

Incredible!! This is almost the same freakin' problem I had (I don't share a computer, they just want my ID before they will pay me). The fax just wouldn't go through, the phone lines are crap, and I spent a day and a half trying to send this information.

Calls to Webdollar were met with big yawn's and "why are you bothering me" attitudes. I even called the CSR out on this, and asked why she was taking such an attitude--didn't faze her one bit (but then she doesn't own the casio).

Boss, you need to get these people in check, they are costing you business! Really the worst customer service I've ever seen, and I've dealt with them all. Boss casino owners, I suggest you contact Boss about this, it really isn't good.

Again, say your prayers that you never have to deal with Webdollar. If you do, it will most likely me a nightmare.

Oh, and I still don't have my money. I can't wait to see how long that will take.

For what it's worth, I think Webdollar is in Antiqua.
I am dissatisfied with the service level at Webdollar too. And I will retaliate in the most terrible, blood-curbing manner. Never again without a bonus.

I used to play without bonuses and used to lose heavily there.

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