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Sep 4, 2007
St. Louis, MO
I do not know where to post this warning so I chose here. In October, I signed up to play and receive rakeback at Holiday Poker and Intertops Poker through an affiliate Swollyourroll.com. It took them about one month to confirm my registration for rakeback if they ever did. For two months of considerable play at Holiday Poker at NL100 and NL200, I received a grand total of $36.00 in rakeback. For Intertops Poker, I did not receive any rakeback for play in October. According to my rakeback stats at Swollyourroll, I was supposed to receive about $143.00 in rakeback for play at Intertops in November. I just received about $77.44 and only after posting negative comments on their forum. I have stopped play at Holiday Poker and Intertops Poker.
I urge all of you to avoid this affiliate.


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Aug 5, 2008

Hi All - This is Shawn, Owner of Swollyourroll.com. I would first like to say that this is the only public complaint about our rakeback site - swollyourroll.com.

Secondly we are the only rakeback site that has toll free phone support.

This issue with JPFisher was unique as was JPfisher. He was new to our site and to rakeback. He incorrectly signed up with the poker sites mentioned. We were finally able to get him linked but could not get the poker site to give us his previous rakeback earned. This was explained to JPfisher over the phone on one of our many phone conversations.

Issue resolved and no complaints since.



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Jan 20, 2004
Hello Shawn, thank you for posting. However, I think your claims regarding the successful resolution of the OP's issue are unfounded.

I've been in touch with JPFisher55 and they report that they received less than half of the monies owed them. His concluding remarks were "I cannot recommend this firm."

Perhaps if you'd care to get in touch with him you could make good on your claims. I'm sure we'd all be happy to see that successfully resolved.

Max Drayman
Casinomeister.com, Player Grievance Manager

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