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Feb 12, 2002
Here's my experience with Safari, a Cryptologic license. They never responded to emails and the phone never went through, but I called eCash direct and they transferred me over to Safari help.

Problem #1, they paid only $25 of a $50 deposit. This they refuse to fix. They changed their bonus in January from $50 to $25, and don't feel that the fact that the old bonus was still on there website made a difference. It was still up LATE in the month, at least as late as January 23.

Problem #2: On an account balance of $400, they only would allow a $150 withdrawal. Get this: I played and lost deposits in November and December. Due to the loss, I did not reach the minimum for the bonuses. So now they froze most of the account until the play on the lost deposits is made up. This was of course never specified or explained in any of the unresponded to emails. This is chintzy and low class. And even by that logic, there should only have been $100 frozen (the Nov. and Dec. total bonuses. The Jan. minimum was met with much to spare).

Lieing filth.
Intercasino does this too, keeping track of your cumulative action required for each bonus you receive.

Here's another tip about these Crypto bonuses:

At Intercasino, each 'session' at the table is applied to only one of your bonus requirements.

The first time I ran afoul of this issue, I called, and they explained the requirement to fulfill past bonuses, even though I had lost my deposit.
While I do think this is pretty chintzy, at least I understood the situation, and planned to rectify it at once.

I logged in and played enough at blackjack to meet all the prior requirements, and also the latest bonus requirement. Still, my withdrawal limit was short. I called again, and finally I was given the whole picture. My large wagering session at blackjack had fulfilled only one of my bonus requirements. You have to exit the table, and re-enter it before the play will apply to the next bonus in line.

So, if you're trying to catch up in one of these situations, exit and re-enter the blackjack table on a regular basis.

I hope you manage to get your situation resolved.

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