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Bonus Complaint avoid GOLDEN PALACE - 24K Gold Casino cash back bonus

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by new.age.doc00, Aug 27, 2012.

    Aug 27, 2012
  1. new.age.doc00

    new.age.doc00 Dormant account

    paradice city
    Golden Palace This email is not visible to you. prin 24ktgoldcasino.com / 25 aug.

    Welcome Dragos constantin,
    24ktGoldCasino is giving you Big Bonuses that can be applied to your next 5 deposits and put £€$1,250 MORE in your account.
    30% CashBack Bonus:
    Make a min. £€$25 deposit (max £€$500) and start playing. In case you run your balance down to zero, we will give you a percentage of your money back no questions asked!
    ALL games allowed and NO wagering requirements! Maximum Bonus is £€$150.
    Use Promo Code: PT535.

    To claim, call 0011-800-0704-4507, email This email is not visible to you., or use Online Chat Support.
    Remember: The bigger the bankroll; the more chances you have of winning. So take advantage!
    Good luck!

    First interaction:
    Hitesh: Hello Dragos
    Player41509: hello
    Player41509: I would like to redeem a cashback code
    Player41509: what is the procedure

    Hitesh: may i have your claim code
    Player41509: I have redeem it after my balance goes to 0 or before ?
    Hitesh: you received a 150% deposit bonus on your last deposit
    Hitesh: you can't get a cash back on the same deposit
    Player41509: it about PT535 code
    Hitesh: you will have to make another deposit for the cash back
    Player41509: yes
    Player41509: I understand
    Player41509: my question was
    Player41509: I have redeem it after my balance goes to 0 or before ?

    Hitesh: oh yes, the cash back is based on losses only, so you make your deposit and if you loose your deposit completely taking your balance down to zero, then contact us through here to claim your cash back
    Player41509: ok
    Player41509: great
    Player41509: i will do so

    Hitesh: :)
    Player41509: and the cash back is free of wager requirements
    Player41509: ?!
    Player41509: i can withdraw it when I want ?

    Hitesh: correct, no game restrictions, no bonus rules
    Player41509: thankyou
    Hitesh: :)
    Player41509: that sounds nice
    Player41509: i will contact you in case of losses

    Second interaction , after my deposit :
    Lou: Hello Dragos how are you>?
    Player41509: hello lou
    Player41509: I would like to redeem a cashback

    Lou: sure allow me a couple of minutes :)
    Player41509: PT535. is the code
    Lou: almost done
    Player41509: this code if for 5 deposits
    Player41509: when does it expires ?!

    Lou: no expiration date just when you claim the 5 cash backs
    Player41509: please pay attention
    Player41509: 30% from 200 means 60 not 70

    Lou: yeah that's correct
    Lou: i made an exception for a 35% :)
    Player41509: it a math 1st grade problem :)
    Lou: just a little extra ;)
    Player41509: no thankyou , 30% says the promo message 30 should be
    Lou: alright i will remove it and put the 60 then
    Player41509: ok
    Lou: there you go
    Player41509: thankyou
    Player41509: there is an issue

    Lou: ok what's the issue?
    Player41509: i can not withdraw the cashback
    Lou: that's correct because you need to bet it at least one time
    Player41509: are you kidding ?!
    Player41509: your colegue says something else

    Lou: ok let me explain you
    Lou: you can play any game with it but you have to play at least one time the bonus
    Player41509: I get reaaly annoyed by this lie
    Player41509: what a second to past you the previous conversation


    Lou: you can withdraw the wins you make from that bonus
    Player41509: I think you on 24K Gold Casino have different opinions about this bonus
    Player41509: it doesnt says that

    Lou: but it is how it works
    Player41509: did you read the email that was send to me ?!
    Lou: yes i did
    Player41509: it does says there somethink like that ?!
    Lou: and that's how it works , all the winnings you make from the cash back will be yours to cash out
    Player41509: please answer my question
    Lou: you will need to bet the bonus one time and that's it any game you like all the winnings will be good to cash out at any time
    Player41509: please answer my question Lou
    Player41509: I will get really mad if you avoid the truth

    Lou: we can argue about this the whole afternoon Dragos but i really can't do anything about this , those are the rules and i just can't change them
    Lou: i'm explaining you how it works
    Player41509: your colegue and the mail sais something else
    Player41509: that is right
    Player41509: and after I deposited and I redeemed the code everithing changes
    Player41509: plase give me an email from your departament , promotion or management
    Player41509: and a phone number
    Player41509: I would like to call you right now

    Lou: the e-mail is This email is not visible to you.
    Player41509: and a phone number please
    Lou: 00-800-0704-4507
    Player41509: who is the person I am contacting ?!
    Player41509: and the position please

    Lou: this is just the customer service
    Lou: you can't contact upper management
    Lou: you can send them an e-mail
    Player41509: you lied to me
    Player41509: I have to contact him

    Lou: i haven't lied to you i'm telling you how it works
    Player41509: you and your colegue
    Lou: you just don't agree with the terms
    Lou: look the bonus you don't have to bet it 20 nor 50 times
    Lou: is just one time!
    Player41509: please give me the link and the line where I can read that information
    Lou: that's the way the bonuses have always worked
    Player41509: please give me the source to that information
    Player41509: I understand that customer support isn't able to provide precise information
    Player41509: so I would like to read that , in my email is not that information , in your collegue discution isn't ...where is it ?!

    Lou: he might fail to explain you that, but it is what it is and i'm really sorry he didn't explain it right
    Lou: the cash back bonus is different from other offers that's why we explain them manually
    Player41509: please give me the source of that information
    Lou: you just need to bet it one time and all the winnings made in that process will be yours to cash out
    Player41509: don't explain more
    Player41509: i don't want to bet anymore here , I won't bet anymore here after this situation

    Lou: ok i understand
    Player41509: it a matter of fairness and respect
    Lou: i'm telling you how it is
    Player41509: again , please give me the source of that information
    Player41509: I am waiting here

    Lou: it always worked this way with every single customer that gets the cash back
    Player41509: if you refuse this I will post this on every website , forum this case
    Lou: you don't agree with it i really can't do much, you agreed to the terms and conditions in the casino
    Player41509: I will loose my whole afternoon for you
    Player41509: I will post the mail you send to me , this two conversation
    Player41509: everything

    Lou: well i'm sorry to hear that, we've been on the business for over 12+ years and the rules have always been the same
    Player41509: I think you don't know what is happening here
    Lou: oh yes i do sir
    Player41509: ok so , you agree not to specify the source and you like to post this
    Lou: every single player goes by the same rules, and they don't complain
    Player41509: I will do so
    Lou: you can go to every single online casino and if the have a cash back bonus the rules will be the same sir
    Player41509: and you are treating clients in this way with no precise information and no arguments
    Player41509: I am talking about this situation
    Player41509: ok Lou

    Lou: I apologize for the information given by the agent wasn't precise but rules are rules and i can't go over them
    Player41509: I am sorry but this situation made me soo mad
    Lou: the money is there for you to play
    Player41509: I won't play , and I will request my deposit back for FAKE PUBLICLY
    Player41509: I hope this 24K Gold Casino will understand to respect players
    Player41509: that conditions was really important
    Player41509: and I wasn't noticed , neither by mail or by chat
    Player41509: this is a lie Lou
    Player41509: of fake publicity
    Player41509: you are 12+ in the industry , you know what means fake publicity

    Lou: Dragos i'm not the one who sets the bonus rules, them have always been the same for the time being
    Player41509: this some of the weakest arguments I received since now from a customer support agent
    Player41509: Yes , you refused to give me the link to that source
    Player41509: that is all

    Lou: ok
    Player41509: I have to loose a few hours to show it to others
    Player41509: good bye

    The information Lou is pretending to be in Terms&Conditions it isn't
    I'm sure you can observe hou Lou avoids to specify the source , his only argument is ' this is how it works'
    I want my 200 deposit back , that it's all .

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  2. Aug 27, 2012
  3. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    It's Golden Palace, long history of screwing players and changing rules on the fly. They will tell you what you want to hear BEFORE you deposit, but after, then they tell you the truth about all the sneaky rules and restrictions.

    Pretend to be a new player and email the same set of questions. I bet you will again be told the "too good to be true" bullshit in order to persuade you to deposit.

    Now you are here, take a look at the rogue listings and avoid all casinos you see there. Try the accredited section. The offers look nowhere near as good, but this is mostly because you get the truth up front, not when you try to claim or cash out.
  4. Aug 27, 2012
  5. new.age.doc00

    new.age.doc00 Dormant account

    paradice city
    24K Gold Casino should be rogued

    Casinomeister should take notice and investigate this kind of situation to clarify how reputable is this Golden Palace group , more precise 24K Gold Casino.
    In Rogue Casinos section I only see Golden Palace Casino listed on "Bumblings, Blunders and Negligence" .
    If 24K Gold Casino was listed there I can assure you my balance now would be + 200 .

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