Avoid Bonus Accounts Casinos


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Dec 10, 2003
Any Casino Thats Says " Bonus" Account Do Not Play!!!!!
Many Of Them Have Bonus Accounts. Like Captain Cooks And Its Partner Casinos As Well As Golden Reef And There Other 4 Casinos. There are other casinos on the casinomeisters list that have bonus accounts to. watch out for them!

When I Play A Casino And Am Offered A Comp ( COMP = BONUS)I Put In Real Money And Expect The Comp To Come In Real Money. It's Pretty Clear That They Do Not Want To Play Fairly When They Have These "bonus" Accounts. They Certainly Would Not Like It If We Put In "Fake "Money And Expect A Comp In Real Money. The Casinos Are Getting Tighter By The Day as is . We Should Have A Committee To Govern On Line Gaming Or Just Shut online casinos Down Here in the U.S. If They Are Going To Play By There own Rules Without Laws. So Far The Only Casinos I Trust To Play Are Belle Rock And Casino Us.
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Your post is extremely difficult to read given the capitalization of each word.

Up until their recent change, the casino action group's bonus terms were very easy to understand and extremely fair. This recent change is disappointing.
I edited it to make it easier for you. sorry.I wrote it so fast. I was a bit pissed I downloaded a new casino on casinomeisters list to find that you start playing in there Bonus account. I did not even know they had a bonus account until I downloaded it.
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no, I cash out and get the real money...

I get the bonus in my bonus account, wager it, and transfer it, wager it and cash out....
not hard to do........

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