Average Payout Duration ?


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Mar 11, 2006
hi there,

i wonder what's your experience and what's your definition of FAST PAYOUTS ?

I am still awaiting my withdrawal from William Hill Casino,
ordered on thursday, last week.

So, 6 days or 144 hrs and still no money..............:mad:

What was your withdrawl method? Ive cashed out 10's of thousands from Willhill directly back to my debit card and it takes mere days. You are also in the UK so why no use quick cash? Just print the voucher and land at your local willhill shop for instant cash :thumbsup:
I use Neteller 99.9% of the time because there are no fees for Insta Cash and Firepay .1% of the time because of the $3.99 fee and processing time.

A lot of Casinos now do instant withdrawals to Neteller and funds are usually in the account from 5 Minutes to 24 hours.

Silly to wait days for money that is yours IMHO so I use Neteller.
hi Bubble G,

i already used quick cash a couple of times as the next WH bookie is just round the corner:)

But this time i used my credit card to spend "a bit" more than usual :p

Anyway, money has just arrived :thumbsup:

So one week for CC........


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